Lorie Lee

Topics: Author, Children's Ministry, Church Engagement, Church Partnerships, Compassion's History, Holistic Child Development, Leadership, Parenting, Women's Ministry

Lorie is passionate about the local church and its calling to be the salt and light of the world. She believes that the work of Compassion is a strategic tool that the Church can utilize in their calling to be a beacon of light in their community.

Bob Lenz

Topics: Author, Child Advocacy, Evangelism and Discipleship, Leadership, Marriage & Family, Poverty, Youth and Young Adults

A timely message for youths who think they don't measure up.

Njenga Maina

Topics: Child Advocacy, Compassion Alumni, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Leadership

Formerly Sponsored Child from: Kenya

Njenga loves speaking on Kingdom impact, living a Gospel-driven lifestyle, social justice, leadership, family restoration, and cross-cultural missions.

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Yudah Okumu

Topics: Adult Conferences, Child Advocacy, Church and Society, Church Engagement, Church Partnerships, Compassion Alumni, Education, Global Poverty, Leadership, Leadership Development, Marriage & Family, Men, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Youth and Young Adults

Compassion Alumni from: Uganda

Okumu enjoys speaking about his personal journey, transformational leadership, and being a bold witness for Christ.

Dr. Richmond Wandera

Topics: Child Advocacy, Christian Ministry, Church and Society, Compassion Alumni, Culture and the Church, Leadership, Poverty

Compassion Alumni from: Uganda

Senior pastor of New Life Baptist Church in Kampala, and the Founder and Director of Pastors Discipleship Network, a nonprofit that serves, equips and trains thousands of pastors across East Africa.

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Ken Wytsma

Topics: Author, Leadership

Ken is a frequent international speaker on justice, theology, and leadership. He is known for his depth of insight and ability to inspire others to think deeply about faith, life, and leadership.