Richmond Wandera

Topics: Child Advocacy, Christian Ministry, Church and Society, Compassion Alumni, Culture and the Church, Leadership, Poverty

Richmond Wandera

Raised in a Ugandan slum, Richmond Wandera has a unique perspective on life, faith and leadership. He is the senior pastor of New Life Baptist Church in Kampala, and the Founder and Director of Pastors Discipleship Network, a nonprofit that serves, equips and trains thousands of pastors across East Africa.

With his master’s degree in Spiritual Formation from Moody Graduate School and Theological Seminary in Chicago, Richmond is unwaveringly committed to theological training for pastors; discipleship and spiritual formation for all believers. Richmond is also a voice from the frontline fighting against poverty in developing countries. He holds strongly that Church must play a crucial role in breaking the bonds of injustice and poverty. Richmond holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Leadership from Lancaster Bible College and Capital Seminary in Lancaster, PA.

An internationally sought-after speaker, Richmond is passionate about addressing churches, universities and conferences with the messages of living simply in order to benefit others, creating opportunity that stirs and builds potential, leadership development in developing countries, effective aid, and God’s heart for children. He has spoken extensively on justice, leadership, poverty that kills, raising a generation of global minded youths, and culture and the church.

Richmond’s childhood was a painful and challenging one, marked by extreme poverty, illness, loss and hopelessness. His family often went without food. He suffered from malaria almost a dozen times, and his father was murdered. When he was sponsored and began attending Compassion’s child development center at a local church, the healthcare, education, and love he received changed his life dramatically. As hope grew, Richmond quickly began excelling in school. After graduating, he was chosen for Compassion’s Leadership Development Program, which gave him the opportunity to earn a university degree. This ultimately shaped the trajectory of his entire life, building in him a heart for inciting transformational change in individuals, communities and nations.

Richmond resides in Kampala, Uganda with his wife, Rosette. The church he pastors is the very same one that hosted the Compassion program that altered his story forever.