Dr. Richmond Wandera

Topics: Child Advocacy, Christian Ministry, Church and Society, Compassion Alumni, Culture and the Church, Leadership, Poverty

Richmond Wandera

Dr. Richmond Wandera is on a mission to bring training to untrained African pastors in order to deepen the church and advance the Gospel through healthy churches. He is the Founder and President of Pastors Discipleship Network (PDN) - a ministry that has become recognized as the leading voice in East Africa bringing training to frontline pastors. Dr. Wandera believes that training pastors well is the key to preparing the next generation of missionaries from Africa to the world.

Trained in Spiritual Formation & Discipleship from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and later receiving his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Leadership from Lancaster Bible College and Capital Seminary in PA, Richmond is determined to awaken African pastors, scholars, and thinkers to the need for thorough training of kingdom workers. So far 15 denominations are networked under his leadership through PDN.

Dr. Wandera is also passionate about justice. He grew up in one of Uganda’s worst slums and believes that his life is a testament of the power of justice. He believes that if Compassion International hadn’t intervened at a critical point, he would’ve lost his life. With his earnest approach, he has been able to reach thousands of people from all backgrounds across 5 continents challenging them to live simply so that others can simply live.

Richmond is also the Senior Pastor of New Life Baptist Church in Kampala city, a fast-growing church ministry situated right at the heart of the toughest slum community in Uganda called Kireka. Richmond’s heart for his community led him to initiate several efforts to bring hope to vulnerable children, school dropouts, and teenage mothers. Over the past 5 years, this ministry has seen hundreds of struggling youths and children find hope through acquiring skills in popular trades. These skills and trades are offered at Richmond’s Church location.

Dr. Wandera is married to Rosette Wandera. Together with their two children, they make their home in Namugongo, Kampala, Uganda. His favorite fun time of the week is Saturday morning when he enjoys a whole village grown watermelon with just a spoon – a practice he caught from his late father.