Edgar Benitez

Topics: Child Advocacy, Child Labor, Child Sponsorship, Christian Ministry, Compassion Alumni, Education, Poverty

Compassion Alumni from: Dominican Republic

Edgar speaks passionately about the inescapable grace of God, how the Lord always makes good on His promises, and how His love compels us to community engagement.

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Gilbert Mfitundinda

Topics: Child Advocacy, Child Sponsorship, Children's Ministry, Compassion Alumni, Education, Highly Vulnerable Children, Leadership Development, Poverty, Youth and Young Adults

Compassion Alumni from: Uganda

Gilbert speaks about the life-changing power of love, the plight of vulnerable children, effective solutions to poverty, excellence and servanthood in leadership, and turning selfishness into selflessness.

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Anthony Wanjiru

Topics: Child Advocacy, Child Sponsorship, Compassion Alumni, Human Trafficking, Leadership Development, Poverty

Compassion Alumni from: Kenya

Anthony is a warm and vibrant communicator who enjoys every opportunity to share his story that began with hopelessness and now brims over with hope and potential.

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