Edgar Benitez

Topics: Child Advocacy, Child Labor, Child Sponsorship, Christian Ministry, Compassion Alumni, Education, Poverty

Edgar Benitez

Edgar Benitez never shies away from a challenge, which has contributed to his success in various leadership roles in the Financial Services industry.

Born to a teenage single mother, Edgar was raised in an impoverished and dangerous neighborhood in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where child labor, gangs, drug trafficking, and violence were commonplace. His chances of becoming a crime victim or a criminal were far greater than his chances of completing elementary school. All that changed, however, when his school principal registered him at Compassion’s child development program in the community.

Through his sponsorship, Edgar received a quality education along with nourishing meals, healthcare, and spiritual and emotional support. This charted the course for him to successfully graduate high school and become the first in his family to attend and graduate from college. With a dual degree in business management and finance, doors opened for Edgar to find employment in multinational corporations and to eventually relocate to the United States to work for various Fortune 500 companies.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Edgar is an engaging public speaker. He speaks passionately about the inescapable grace of God, how the Lord always makes good on His promises, and how His love compels us to community engagement.

Edgar and his wife Fatima live in Dallas, Texas, with their five children.