Moses Ashaba

Topics: Adult Conferences, Child Advocacy, Child Sponsorship, Christian Ministry, Church Engagement, Compassion Alumni, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Global Poverty, Leadership Development, Personal Growth

Moses Ashaba

Moses Ashaba lives every day with the hope of being a change agent in his community and with the passion for establishing impactful relationships with those around him.

Raised by a single mother in a family of eight children, consistent meals and education were nonexistent until Compassion International came into their lives. Moses vividly remembers his tears of joy the night his mother told him and his siblings that they had been enrolled in Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program. From that point on, he was able to go back to school, and his physical, emotional, and medical needs were met. More importantly, hope was restored to his heart.

Moses was further selected for the leadership development program, which made it possible for him to attend university. He received a bachelor’s of law from Uganda Christian University and, later, a Master of Law degree from Temple Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania..

Moses speaks in churches, colleges, and youth events, sharing his personal story of hope and the power of God to transform lives. His compassion and adventurous spirit enable him to connect easily and genuinely with people of all ages.

He and his wife Christy reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.