Disaster Relief

Crisis Indonesia
Advisory: Flooding in Sabu, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

April 15, 2021— The Child Development Centers continue to assess impact and utilize Compassion disaster relief funds to support affected families.

Crisis Colombia
Advisory: Continued Heavy Rain in Colombia

April 13, 2021 — The rainy season continues in Colombia. Rivers have overflowed sweeping away bridges and homes in the district of Siloé

Crisis Indonesia
Advisory: Earthquake in East Java

April 13, 2021— On Saturday, April 10 2021, a 6.1 earthquake impacted Tambakrejo-Tamban Kabupaten Malang, Jawa Timur (East Java).

Crisis Peru
Advisory: Flooding in Piura, Peru

April 12, 2021— The state of emergency is still in effect, but thankfully the rain has decreased in some districts. To date, 322 beneficiaries have been affected.

Crisis Indonesia
Advisory: Flooding in Kudus and Semarang, Indonesia

March 15, 2021— Thankfully, there is no longer flooding in Kudus and Semarang. In total, 435 beneficiaries were affected.

Crisis Philippines
Advisory: Tropical Storm Auring, Philippines

March 2021— In late February, several locations in central Surigao del Sur were flooded due to the Tropical Storm Auring that brought heavy rains and strong winds.

Crisis Colombia
Advisory: Heavy Rains in Buenaventura, Colombia

March 8, 2021 — Thankfully, the rainfall has decreased in the Buenaventura area. In total, 17 beneficiaries were affected.

Crisis Honduras
Advisory: Hurricane Eta in Honduras

March 4, 2021 — The Compassion Honduras National Office staff utilized disaster funding to support impacted church partners, beneficiaries and families.

Crisis Honduras
Advisory: Hurricane Iota in Honduras

March 2, 2021 — The Compassion Honduras National Office staff utilized Disaster Relief funds to support affected beneficiaries, families, and church partners.