Advisory: Flooding in Kenya

  |   Posted: November 13, 2019   |   Updated: February 26, 2020

Final Update: February 26, 2020

The heavy rains and flooding in various parts of Kenya lasted from October 2019 through January 2020. In total, 10 Child Development Centers and 267 beneficiaries were affected. The Compassion Kenya National Office intends to utilize Crisis Intervention funds to address the long-term needs (e.g. infrastructure) of the affected families and church partners.

Thank you for your prayers for the church partners, beneficiaries and their families. Please continue to pray for the re-settling and recovery efforts, as well as for emotional support for the affected families

Update #1: January 9, 2020

The heavy rains subsided in the last week of December in most parts of the country. So far, 11 Child Development Centers (CDCs) and 211 beneficiaries have been affected. The affected beneficiaries have received relief assistance from the Compassion Kenya National Office, as well as the local government and other non-governmental relief organizations.

Please pray for the continued safety of the beneficiaries, their families and the CDCs.

Disaster Alert: October 12, 2019

Since early October, heavy rainfall has affected more than 100,000 people throughout Kenya; including displacing thousands. The floods have primarily been in the northeastern, coast, and some Rift Valley areas. Flooding has damaged infrastructure, including roads and bridges, and access to food, education and healthcare has been hampered. The Kenyan government is working with the disaster relief agencies to provide relief to affected people. To date, we do not have specific information regarding affected beneficiaries. The Compassion Kenya National Office is still assessing the impact on Child Development Centers and beneficiaries.

Please pray for the safety and provision for beneficiaries, families, and the CDCs throughout Kenya.