Poverty has the power to undermine a child’s potential. Preventable disease, malnutrition and a lack of stimulation plague babies in poverty, sometimes taking root before they are born. But through the Survival Program, local churches are stepping in and equipping mothers to raise healthy babies. Through each important developmental milestone that is reached, babies are firmly set on a path to overcome poverty.

a mother kisses her baby's cheek

Maria unknowingly contracted Zika during her pregnancy with her son, Bryan. Survival staff members helped deliver him, and they knew immediately that he needed medical attention. Bryan’s health issues were at first overwhelming for Maria, but she knew she could always count on Vilma and Noemi – staff members at her Survival center in Guatemala. They helped coordinate Bryan’s physical therapy and treatments, and have been by Maria’s side every step of the way. “I was so grateful that Vilma and Noemi helped me. For the first time, I felt I was not alone,” says Maria.

a mother a father and baby

After her husband lost his job, Pegdwendé could not afford to feed herself or her baby boy, Elisé. She resorted to begging for food, until one day she was registered in the Survival Program in Burkina Faso. “As soon as I joined, everything changed,” says Pegdwendé. “I receive food supplies on a monthly basis and that allows me to feed my family.” Elisé quickly began gaining weight, and Pegdwendé began attending income-generation classes at the center. Today, she sells soap that she makes to help support her family.

A mother and her son

Cleou had a troubled past, and it wasn’t until she became pregnant with her first son that she quit abusing her body with drugs and alcohol. She knew she wanted to be a good mother, but she didn’t know how to raise a baby. She began attending a church in the Philippines that happened to be partnered with Compassion. She became pregnant with her second child, and was enrolled in the Survival Program. For the first time, she had support in raising her baby. With a confident smile, Cleou says, “I am learning to be a good mother. My baby is breastfed. Before, I didn’t know it was important and never breastfed my first child. I attend lessons on responsible parenting and how to support my marriage. I also learned skills on how to generate income, and most of all, about the Bible and applying it in my daily life.”

With your support, thousands of mothers are gaining the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to raise their babies. Thank you!

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Stories of Your Giving in Action
A Simple Gift Changes a Life
A boy walking a line of cows

14-year-old Ombaja was orphaned at a young age, but a gift of livestock set him on a path to success.

Steven's Story: Known. Loved. Protected.
Steven and his mom

While walking home, Compassion-assisted child Steven was attacked and left fighting for his life with third-degree burns covering his body. His child development center stepped in and he is currently on the road to recovery.

Murielle’s Journey to Motherhood

Ever since she was young girl growing up in Haiti, Murielle’s dream was to become a mother. Having been separated from her own mother at a young age, she longed to have a baby she could love and protect.

Healing and Support for Alphonse
Alphonse smiles for the camera

After a tragic accident, young Alphonse received the spiritual, emotional and medical assistance he needs to adapt to his new circumstances. Despite his injury, he is learning to live a happy and fulfilled life through the help of his Compassion child development center.

A Family for Secia
Alphonse smiles for the camera

After losing her mother, Secia finds a family through her friends and tutor at her Compassion child development center.

A New Start After Disaster
A close up of Ashley Joy and her father, Jeffrey

A devoted father is given the assistance he needs to help his family move past the devastation of Hurricane Haiyan.