Your Giving in Action

You Stepped In

In recent months natural disasters have threatened to erase the amazing progress Compassion-assisted children have made on their journey out of poverty. The disastrous earthquake in Ecuador and hurricane in Haiti ruined homes, damaged church partners and threatened the futures of thousands of children, but your support made it possible for Compassion to quickly intervene.

Ecuador Update:
A displaced family in Ecuador stands outside their temporary shelter

A displaced family in Ecuador stands outside of their temporary shelter

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 16th left many of our church partners and beneficiaries without their homes and personal belongings. Your support helped to provide for:

  • 11,268 survival kits including food and water
  • 5,227 baskets of home essentials
  • 500 temporary shelters
Haiti Update:

Immediately following the catastrophic hurricane on October 4th, staff members began visiting homes of beneficiaries and evaluating the need. They were able to accomplish the following with your help:

  • 175,000 beneficiaries, staff members and family members received food and water
  • 5,244 children and their families received household and hygiene items

We will soon begin helping these countries rebuild churches and homes and restore hope in the life of each child affected.

"I want to thank you for being here and for paying attention to what has happened here." – Emmanuel, Haiti project director

two girls with arms around each other are smiling big

Learn more about Compassion's five mission-critical priorities in tackling the causes and effects of child poverty.

Stories of Your Giving in Action
Healing and Support for Alphonse
Alphonse smiles for the camera

After a tragic accident, young Alphonse received the spiritual, emotional and medical assistance he needs to adapt to his new circumstances. Despite his injury, he is learning to live a happy and fulfilled life through the help of his Compassion child development center.

A Family for Secia
Alphonse smiles for the camera

After losing her mother, Secia finds a family through her friends and tutor at her Compassion child development center.

A New Start After Disaster
A close up of Ashley Joy and her father, Jeffrey

A devoted father is given the assistance he needs to help his family move past the devastation of Hurricane Haiyan.

Child Survival Program: Hope for the Future
Child Survival Program: Hope for the Future

The Child Survival Program has made a huge difference in the lives of mothers and babies throughout the village of Ruma. In addition to receiving nutritious food, health care, hygiene supplies and parenting classes, mothers are also taught life skills such as sewing.