An Unthinkable Crime

While walking home from church, 11-year-old Steven was randomly attacked by a group of teenagers. What followed left over half of his body covered in burns, and no hospital in Ecuador was equipped to provide the extensive care he needed.

His body quickly descended into septic shock, and his kidneys began to fail. In an amazing effort to help one child, Compassion partnered with several organizations to come to Steven's aid. Through this combined effort, Steven was flown to Boston, MA, to receive treatment at a pediatric burn center.

Over the next two months, Steven endured multiple operations and skin grafts. Infections plagued the early stages of his recovery, but he bravely fought and made great strides forward with each day.

The Road Ahead

Steven was recently released from the Intensive Care Unit, and is beginning physical therapy. Months in a hospital bed have weakened his body, and the scarring and skin grafts present challenges to even basic movements. He is currently working on walking, sitting in a chair, eating, and other daily activities.

The scarring on Steven’s body will not stretch as he grows, so his recovery will be an ongoing process. Doctors are currently working with Steven’s family and Compassion staff members to determine when his future operations will occur. They anticipate the process to take several years, and each operation will take place in Boston.

This attack left more than physical scars for Steven. In addition to physical healing, he is working to recover from the psychological trauma through sessions with a counselor. His family, friends, sponsor, and Compassion staff members have remained a steadfast network of support during this long journey.

Justice and Forgiveness

Ecuadorian police apprehended the boys that allegedly committed this crime and their case is currently in trial. Steven’s sister specifically asks for prayer for her family as they work to forgive these boys. We also ask that you join us in praying for them. The Lord has already worked miracles through Steven’s healing, and we pray He will also reach the hearts of these young men through this ordeal.

Steven’s story could be very different. We praise God that our church partner was able to immediately step in and show Steven that he is not alone. He is known. He is loved. And he is protected. We will remain by his side throughout his recovery, and thank God that this precious life was entrusted to our care.

Steven recovering
Steven with his mom
A boy sits in a rough landscape
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