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When you join Compassion International's Prayer Partner Network, you will receive a monthly prayer calendar via e-mail at the end of each month.

The monthly prayer calendar will help you pray consistently for "the least of these." Please take a few minutes each day to pray for a child and commit the child's need to our loving Father.

A Message From Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado
Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado with a group of Bolivian children

Dear Prayer Partner,

What a wonderful year we’ve had, digging deep into the prayers and praises of our friends, partners and co-laborers around the world! And here, in our last month of 2018, we finish the year by lifting up praises for all that God is doing in Asia.

When Silas Balraj, Vice President of the Asia Region, wrote to you a few months ago, one thing in particular stood out in his letter: “The Holy Spirit is empowering the Church, transcending the barriers it faces so it can continue reaching poor children and families — many of whom have never heard or known the love and power of the living God…”

What a powerful praise! In areas where darkness prevails, the Spirit is at work. In corners of the world where Christians feel afraid and alone, the Spirit is at work. And in households where the love of God has never been acknowledged, the Spirit is at work.

This month, will you join me in praying for our Compassion staff and church partners as they act as the hands and feet of Christ in the communities where they serve? It is an important and demanding role that is filled with God’s rewards!

Will you also pray for the homes where God’s love is growing and taking root? Pray that these new followers of Christ will have a spirit of bravery — and that God will protect them in the face of any challenges or persecution.

Thank you, as always, for praying daily for the children we serve around the world. Today, will you take an extra moment to thank God for the amazing work He is doing in Asia — and all that he will do for His children in 2019?

Jimmy Mellado signature (first name only)
Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado 
President and CEO
Compassion International 

  • UPDATE: We praise God that all 776 affected children in the Philippines are accounted for and recovering from the effects of the monsoon rains.
  • We praise God that there have been no injuries reported among our children after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck the province of Chimborazo, Ecuador.
  • We praise God for His protection over our local partners and children from the 5.9-magnitude earthquake that struck Indonesia’s Sumba Island. Pray for their continued safety.
  • We praise God for Suborno in Bangladesh, whose eyes have been healed! Praise God as Suborno was patient during his treatment and everything turned out successful.