This month, our letter of gratitude comes from Flavia, who works in our Compassion Uganda office. I hope you feel challenged and encouraged by her words!

Dear Prayer Partner,

This year, as we focus on gratitude, I cannot help but go down memory lane and reminisce about the amazing relationships God has put in my life to both influence and be influenced. For the biggest part of my work life (27 years), I have served and worked both indirectly and directly with the ministry of Compassion. I worked with the frontline church partners, and then transitioned to work with Compassion International. During that time, I also became a sponsor of a little girl.

I am so grateful to get to see the ministry from all points of view of our neighbors. As a church worker, I served the most vulnerable children. Today, they are part of the inner circles of some of the influential leaders in my country. Many are part of my inner circle of friends as well! When I see one of them, I am grateful God made me be a little part of who they became.

As a sponsor, I develop the relationship with my beloved child and am grateful that she is known, loved and protected by amazing people, divinely placed along her life’s journey by God. May you be filled with gratitude as you see his hand on your life and the people around you that you can influence through love and prayers.

In Christ,

Partnership Preparation Specialist
Compassion International Uganda 


  • Praise God that Compassion offices in Cúcuta and Buenaventura, Colombia, provided nonperishable food kits and other basic household items to children and their families who were affected by heavy rains and flooding.
  • Praise God for allowing Chulukhe, 8, in Kenya to have successful eye surgery. Pray that he will have a quick recovery and return to normal activity soon.
  • Praise God for allowing Betina in Tanzania to get the hearing aids she needed to help with her hearing loss.
  • Praise God for the restored health of David, Joash and Rocky in Bangladesh. Pray that God would continue to strengthen and prevent them from having any further complications.

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