This month’s prayer letter comes from a Compassion sponsor and mom of three young kids. Raising a godly child is no small feat, especially in today’s world. It’s often small, everyday details that open doors for the greatest lessons to be learned. And while parents teach children, children also teach parents. The secret to recognizing those moments is slowing down long enough to listen and see through the eyes of a child.


Dear Prayer Partner,

My 4-year-old son found a penny on the ground while we were running errands. He was excited and tucked it safely into his pocket. He couldn’t wait to put it in his piggy bank. But on the drive home, we passed a man on the side of the road. My son asked what he was doing, and I explained that he was asking for money.

My son’s face lit up at the realization. “I have money!” he exclaimed.

I thought about trying to explain how little my son’s penny would do to satisfy the man’s hunger. How just a penny wasn’t enough to even start to heal his pain. But I stopped myself.

Instead, I said a silent prayer for my son’s giving heart. And I prayed for his faith — an innocent, eager faith that was not yet cynical or jaded by the harsh realities of life. A faith still rooted in dreams void of the barriers of reality.

Childlike faith is worth celebrating and encouraging. It’s even a faith worth replicating. Because my son was right about one thing: Every life changed starts with one person who’s willing to give their all.

Even if it’s just a penny.

A mom just doing her best



  • Praise God for the many children who have graduated from our child development program in Burkina Faso. Pray that God will bless them and give them wisdom as they continue to discover his will for their lives.
  • Praise God for helping a student in the Philippines graduate magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in theology.
  • Praise God for the dedication of staff members like Sujala in Bangladesh who have selflessly served and cared for children in poverty for many years.