A Message From Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado

Dear Prayer Partner,

It’s hard to believe that the word “AIDS” first entered our vocabulary more than 30 years ago. Since then it has ravaged countries, taken the lives of millions, and caused even more to be shunned and isolated.

Today, the AIDS epidemic is quieter. Tremendous strides have been made in treating those suffering from HIV or AIDS, and many countries now provide medical care for this terrible disease that weakens a person’s immune system.

But progress does not mean that we forget the fact that 37.9 million people globally still live with HIV or AIDS. Or that in many countries AIDS is still a death sentence. And that people are still abused and mistreated when their family or community finds out they are HIV-positive.

We’ve come a long way. But we still have so far to go.

That’s why, this month, we are highlighting World AIDS Day on Dec. 1. Every year we remember the lives lost and the lives being saved. Our Compassion staff work tirelessly to make sure thousands of children and their families are tested for HIV each year. They take HIV-positive children to appointments at medical clinics. They run awareness workshops and support groups.

Because they can’t and won’t forget the victims of this disease.

This month, will you join us in praying for these staff members, as well as the children, parents and siblings suffering from HIV or AIDS? Pray for continued progress — in both caring for the victims of AIDS as well as slowing its growth.

Thank you, as always, for praying for these children and families, and for helping us remember the millions still affected by AIDS.

In Christ,

Jimmy Mellado signature (first name only)
Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado 
President and CEO
Compassion International 


  • UPDATE: The dengue fever outbreak in the Dominican Republic is currently under control and, fortunately, there have been no more reports of affected children and families.
  • We praise God that the overall situation involving violent demonstrations in Jayapura, Indonesia, is improving, with schools and businesses reopening. The government is taking care of public facilities damaged by demonstrators.
  • UPDATE:The children from a center in Ethiopia who were displaced by local conflicts have returned to their homes and are attending program activities. All but three have returned home.
  • We praise God that the heavy smog over West Kalimantan, Indonesia, has cleared and that the 42 centers that were temporarily closed have reopened.
  • UPDATE: Amerly in Peru no longer suffers from malnutrition. Now, she and her family are very happy.

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