This month, enjoy a story of praise from Anthony, a tours and visits specialist in the Dominican Republic. Be encouraged by his words!

Dear Prayer Partner,

Sovereignty has been the characteristic of God that has caught my mind this year — how God has intertwined circumstances that, at the beginning, are hard and devastating. I see his sovereignty often, but sometimes a story stays with me and reminds me of the work God does over the years.

A long time ago, in a “God-forbidden-place” as Dominican people would say, there was a poor and unknown girl crouched on a sidewalk, playing with her mud-made dolls. She would sometimes visit her father, the man who told her mother to get rid of her even before she was born. Yet, she grew up thankful and kindhearted and became a Compassion sponsored child. One day, Yanelly wrote to her sponsor that she wanted to be a doctor.

Today she is a grown woman with a beautiful family living in the capital, determined to move back to that “forbidden” place to bless other children as a pediatrician.

As a little girl on the streets, Yanelly could never imagine the calling she would receive and the impact she would have. God does new and beautiful things out of difficult circumstances. Only he creates hearts that will multiply blessings. Let’s give thanks for this!


Compassion Dominican Republic 


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