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The monthly prayer calendar will help you pray consistently for "the least of these." Please take a few minutes each day to pray for a child and commit the child's need to our loving Father.

A Message from Sidney Muisyo
Sidney Muisyo

This month we’d like you to meet Sidney Muisyo, Vice President of the Africa Region. Sidney has been with Compassion since 2002, spending much of his life living and serving in Kenya. we believe his words will infuse your prayers with a passion for the people of Africa!

Dear Friends of Africa,

It’s a privilege to have this opportunity to extend my deep appreciation for your prayerful support of the children we serve in Africa.

As the world’s home to the youngest population, Africa is in the midst of major changes — some of which are encouraging and some of which are challenging.

On the encouraging side, hope continues to rise, and Africa in many ways is no longer the “hopeless continent.” For example, countries like my homeland of Kenya have led the world in mobile-money transfer technology. Rwanda’s horticulture industry is expanding as major flower companies are seeing new opportunities for advancement. And then there’s Ethiopia. The nation once perceived as the “poster child” of famine and drought-stricken ground is now listed as the country with the “fastest growing economy” by the World Bank’s 2017 Global Economic Prospects. Above all, the Church is growing in Africa and shining the light of the gospel to a continent that remains thirsty and welcoming to the good news. So, yes, there are positive developments in Africa, which I believe are the fruits of hard work, sound investments and creative minds.

However, while I am grateful to God for all He is doing in Africa, I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the challenges that still exist. For instance, we are still dealing with political unrest and corrupt governments. HIV and AIDS are still prevalent, leaving behind a trail of vulnerable orphans. Many countries are still not food-secure. Many children are still vulnerable to abuse and exploitation as a result of deeply rooted cultural behaviors. Several countries have experienced increased Islamic extremism and terrorism. Extreme poverty is still endemic in many countries.

So for all the scenarios listed above — good and bad — I implore you to continue praying for Africa. Pray that Africa will provide economic opportunities to the majority of the young people who are desperate. Pray that the Church will rise above the obstacles it faces and still serve as a beacon of hope to the spiritually lost, poor and brokenhearted — and particularly for children who remain vulnerable to poverty, abuse and exploitation. Pray for God to raise godly leaders, particularly in the governance structures.

With your continued support and prayers, I believe Africa can turn the corner and become a place for hope and opportunity. With your support, the African church can be light to the world — so don’t stop praying!

Sidney Muisyo signature
In the powerful name of Jesus,
Sidney Muisyo
Vice President of the Africa Region 

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