agnes sewing

"The only Christmas gifts I have ever received came from the church." – Agnes

Agnes attends the Kimisagara Child Survival Program near Kigali, Rwanda. She lives in a one-room house with her three children, and heard about the Survival program at her local church when her youngest daughter, Iza, was 3 months old. She and her husband were unemployed, and the children were dangerously malnourished. The groceries, medical checkups and counseling provided through the Survival program helped Agnes turn her family’s lives around.

The Christmas celebration is Agnes’ favorite activity at the center. She always knew about Christmas, but before joining the program she thought that Christmas celebrations were a luxury. Other families made elaborate meals and exchanged gifts, but Agnes could barely afford to feed her children.

Now, Iza is growing into a healthy toddler and they are getting ready for another Christmas celebration at the center. Last year, Agnes received a beautiful dress for Iza and fabric to make clothing for her other children. She and her family also participated in a Christmas service at the church. "We sing hymns about the birth of Jesus and we have learned so many that I can’t select a favorite," says Agnes.

Iza holding a ball
Agnes and her children