Empowering Compassion youths to reach their full potential.

  1. A gift of $4,000 helps send 1 Compassion youth to college.
  2. A gift of $16,000 helps send 4 Compassion youths to college.


Empowering Compassion youths to reach their full potential.

  1. A gift of $46,000 funds a 12-month apprenticeship for 20 youth.
  2. A gift of $115,000 provides 43 youth with technical and vocational training.

The Problem

All young people deserve to discover and develop their God-given gifts and talents, to pursue their dreams and work toward their goals. But for millions of children living in poverty, dreams of a better future are all they have. Poverty robs them of the opportunity to finish school, attend university or learn the skills that would allow them to earn a good income.

The Sobering Facts


World's Young People
90% of young people ages 10 to 19 live in low- and middle-income regions.


Unqualified for Work
825 million adolescents will not have the basic digital and job-specific skills needed for employment by 2030.


Gender Parity
24% of countries have achieved gender parity in upper secondary education — a percentage far too low.

How Can We Respond Together?

Compassion's youth strategy fosters discipleship and leadership skills in young people, offering them a broad range of educational and personal development opportunities. Our youth livelihood interventions are divided into three categories:

Income-Generation Training
Provides practical knowledge and support for entrepreneurial development.
Formal Education
Helps youths access secondary and post-secondary school through financial assistance, entrance exam training and leadership courses.
Vocational Education
Provides training in science, technology, engineering, math and practical business skills and helps students secure apprenticeships.

Young people in Compassion's programs have more opportunities. And those who graduate from our programs are more likely to have salaried/white-collar jobs. You can help us expand this successful initiative to 900,000 young people, coming alongside to help them unlock their potential, pursue their God-given purpose and progress toward a thriving future.

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