More than 300,000 children are behind on receiving necessary medical care.

  1. A gift of $2,250 supports the medical catch up needs of 1 church partner.
  2. A gift of $4,000 supports the medical catch up needs of 100 children ($40/child).
  1. A gift of $56,000 supports the medical catch up needs of 25 church partners.
  2. A gift of $600,000 supports the medical catch up needs of 1 entire Latin American country.

The Problem

In low-income and middle-income countries, overstretched health care systems still struggle to meet regional health care needs after being pushed beyond their capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic that peaked globally in 2020 and 2021. Health care access — even for standard medical checkups and interventions — has plummeted while costs remain high.

While the medical crisis affects all countries we serve, Latin America has been disproportionately affected, especially in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Guatemala. Many children seeking routine care and even some specialized treatments have been delayed or turned away in these countries. And when care was available, the cost was prohibitive.

map highlighting Central and South America

As a result, our church partners desperately need assistance with the backlog of medical needs among Compassion-assisted children. Compared to last year, our centers are now paying 34% more for children’s routine health care. And they must prepare for the medical costs of new children who will soon be registered into the program.

The Sobering Facts


Pushed into Poverty
500 million people were pushed into extreme poverty by health care costs even before the pandemic.


Deaths in Localized Region
28.8% of all COVID-19 deaths worldwide happened in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

27 yrs

Record High Poverty
In the Latin America and Caribbean region, the health crisis of the last few years has caused extreme poverty to spike to its highest level in 27 years.

How Can We Respond Together?

In addition to baseline health and medical support provided by the Sponsorship Program, Compassion also maintains a medical fund to meet extra health needs, targeting children with treatable injuries and illnesses that families can't afford to address. This covers treatments like surgery, prosthetics, specialized therapy, vision aids and trauma counseling. The medical fund also provides therapeutic feeding treatment to address malnutrition.

Because of the enormous backlog of medical needs, local Compassion centers’ medical support has never been more important for children and families living in poverty. With your help, we can catch kids up on the treatments and therapies they need to thrive!

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