The local church is the greatest hope children have for better futures.

  1. A gift of $3,500 helps fund 1 church partner’s unsponsored children need for 2 months (helps support 46 children).
  2. A gift of $5,000 helps fund one-fifth of the average cost of launching a new child development center!
  3. A gift of $10,000 helps fund 1 church partner’s unsponsored children need for 6 months (helps support 44 children).
  1. A gift of $50,000 helps support 110 unsponsored children each month for one year.
  2. A gift of $228,000 helps support 500 unsponsored children each month for one year.

The Problem

Poverty is growing. Nearly 100 million people have entered poverty since the start of the 2020 pandemic. This reversal of so much poverty-alleviation progress makes our mission urgent. Currently, we partner with more than 8,000 frontline churches in 27 countries to serve more than 2.2 million children. At each Compassion child development center, children receive nutritious meals, educational support, medical care, and love and encouragement from their pastor and center staff. Yet even in just those countries we currently work in, over 170 million more children in desperate poverty need us. And the only thing stopping us from helping them is our own capacity to grow.

Where We Want to Go


New Centers
507 new centers in local churches across Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Unsponsored Kids Covered
191,000 unsponsored children cared for to enable that expansion.


New Children Registered
228,000 new children registered at both new and existing centers.

We are committed to providing immediate and consistent support to every child in our program, even while they are still waiting to be sponsored or when they’ve lost their existing sponsor.

How Can We Reach More Children Together?

The way we achieve our mission is distinct from other Christian, child-focused, poverty-combatting nonprofits. We work exclusively in partnership with the local church, equipping local congregations with the training and ongoing support needed to run child development centers and serve children in their regions. This model is effective — and scalable.

But in order to serve more children, we have to cover the cost of their holistic development from their initial registration until they have a sponsor’s support. Whether they’re registered at an existing Compassion center or a new one, every child starts out unsponsored (and usually waits for a sponsor for about seven months). With your help, we can cover the care for unsponsored children, empowering us to expand and reach more who are in desperate need.

Unsponsored children receive:

  • Loving attention from caring Christian adults who tutor and counsel them.
  • Nutritious food to eat and clean water to drink.
  • Help with schoolwork and opportunities to grow beyond their non-registered peers.
  • Opportunities for educational and career advancement.
  • Regular medical and dental checkups and help with major medical needs.
  • The chance to learn about Jesus and grow in their faith.

Sponsors help cover the cost of providing this holistic support for their selected child. But Compassion covers the cost while children are unsponsored.

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