Their development won't matter if they’re starving.

  1. A gift of $1,000 helps feed 10 families for 2 months.
  2. A gift of $12,500 helps feed all the families of 1 church partner for 1 month.
  1. A gift of $50,000 helps feed 1,000 families for 1 month.
  2. A gift of $500,000 helps feed 5,000 families for 2 months.

The Problem

A perfect storm of crises has reversed decades of progress that saw millions of families lifted out of poverty, and we're now facing a global food crisis of devastating proportions. What caused this perfect storm?

  • Severe weather like the drought in the Horn of Africa has interrupted growing seasons.
  • Conflicts in countries such as Ethiopia, Haiti, and Burkina Faso have displaced families and prevented food from reaching impoverished communities.
  • War has halted Russia and Ukraine's exports of grain and fertilizers, and sanctions on Russia have sent energy prices skyrocketing.

These factors have led to severe inflation, making food staples nearly impossible to afford even if they're available.

Nearly 830 million people will go hungry today. Some will starve to death. But children are the most affected by the crisis. Children are the most affected — kids who don’t have enough to eat grow progressively weaker and suffer stunting that impairs their cognitive development and opportunities for the future. Regions most affected are shown below:

map highlighting Africa, Asia and Haiti

The Sobering Facts


Of the World’s Wheat
30% of the world's wheat and much of its fertilizer were supplied by Russia and Ukraine before the war.


People in Severe Poverty
276 million people are severely food insecure. This number has doubled since before the pandemic.


Children at Risk
40 million children under 5 are at risk of hunger and starvation in the 15 worst-affected countries.

How Can We Respond Together?

Your support will enable our church partners to distribute food, send emergency cash transfers, train caregivers in agriculture and animal husbandry and provide other sustainable solutions to hunger. These measures will promote lifelong food security, enabling children to grow into healthy and thriving futures. And all of this will be done through local churches, enabling them to shine Christ's light as they strengthen communities.

In the coming months, impoverished children and families will need a targeted range of resources and assistance if they are to survive and get back on the road to self-sufficiency.

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