Survival Colombia
    "When I Saw David, Everything Changed."

    A baby born with severe physical disabilities becomes a source of joy for his entire family. See how the Survival program helped support David and his family.

    Child Sponsorship Dominican Republic
    Loving Franklin

    Franklin’s poor health affected every part of his development. But his Compassion tutor was dedicated to showing the scared boy that the church was a safe place.

    Youth Development Philippines
    Adam’s Purpose

    Adam grew up surrounded by political unrest that plagues his home country of the Philippines. Compassion helped him discover his purpose in battling violent extremism through social media.

    Child Sponsorship El Salvador
    Father to the Fatherless

    What can bring hope to a little boy who feels lost and alone? Read about this beautiful, surprising source of healing for 7-year-old Justin!

    Child Sponsorship Letter Writing
    Your Sponsorship Goes Mobile

    Three sponsors use the Compassion App to strength the relationship with their sponsored children!

    Child Development Workers Philippines
    Seeking a Safe Space

    At 13 years old, Angeline began spending time on the streets — because it was safer there than in her home. See how Compassion gave Angeline a truly safe place.

    Survival Philippines
    A Mother’s Story of Salvation

    Cleou Jane, the mother of a child in Compassion’s Survival initiative, tells us, in her own words, about her journey from hopelessness to salvation.

    Critical Needs Honduras
    A Heart for Yuliana

    When a medical checkup reveals a heart murmur in 3-year-old Yuliana, the Compassion staff will not stop until the little girl has the care she needs to survive!

    About Compassion Youth Development
    What Is Compassion’s Youth Development Initiative?

    Every young person deserves to dream big and achieve his or her God-given potential. See how Compassion’s Youth Development initiative is helping to make that possible!

    Child Sponsorship Photos and Videos
    Compassion Centers Around the World

    Have you ever wondered how a Compassion center in a Kenyan slum compares with one in the jungles of Thailand? In this photo essay, see centers around the world and learn just how children are served there!

    Country Trips Peru Child Sponsorship
    What Happens When a Sponsor and Child Meet?

    In this powerful blog, read the story of a sponsor and child who built a relationship for 14 years before they were able to meet in person!

    Child Sponsorship Sponsors and Donors
    Celebrating 2017 — And Looking Forward to 2018!

    It has been an amazing year — and that’s largely due to you! Celebrate the highlights of 2017 as we prepare for the year ahead!