Nikola and Emiliana with their family in front of their house
    Tanzania Survival
    Compassion Center Helps Malnourished Twins Thrive

    An unprecedentedreport from the Food and Agriculture Organization reveals that approximately 193 million people across 53 countries are acutely food insecure and urgently need assistance. Six-month-old twins Nikola and Emiliana were part of these statistics. But thanks to Compassion’s Survival Program, they have been rescued from starvation and are growing strong and healthy!

    a boy stands in a desert
    Crisis Food
    How the Global Food Crisis Is Impacting Children

    Malnutrition damages children’s growth, learning and development. Compassion and local church partners are doing everything possible to give children in poverty and their families resources and opportunities to thrive.

    Emanuel and his family
    Tanzania Alumni
    Alumnus Builds a Better Life For His Family

    Years after graduating from the Compassion program, Emanuel has built a family of his own, and they live free from poverty. Emanuel is now a professional welder thanks to the skills he learned at his Compassion center in Tanzania.

    Edwin and Ariadne hold their books
    El Salvador Education
    3 Powerful Ways Books Change Lives for Children in Poverty

    Many children in poverty are not enrolled in pre-primary education because their parents don’t have enough money to purchase the required books. Here are three reasons access to books in early childhood is critical for young children, helping break down generational barriers to literacy and education success.

    a little girl sits on the ground holding an empty plate
    Crisis Disaster Relief Food Global Food Crisis Where Most Needed
    5 Reasons the World is Facing a Global Food Crisis

    Our fragile world is facing a global food crisis. As extreme weather and drought collide with the impact of the pandemic, war and rising inflation, more and more people are facing food insecurity. Here’s how we’re mobilizing to meet the need.

    Lizeth holds a sign that reads "I have a sponsor"
    Ecuador Sponsorship
    The Day Lizeth Learned She Was Sponsored

    The day began just like any other for little Lizeth, but it would end as one her most memorable! It was the day one of her prayers would be answered. The day she would hear a few special words of hope.

    April sits in her home with her mother
    Philippines Alumni
    Compassion Alum Pays it Forward

    April, a Compassion alumna, is preparing to serve as missionary to Nepal in July 2022. Learn about her amazing journey and write her a word of encouragement before her travels!

    Norah Creates table
    Six-Year-Old With A Business Plan Provides for Children in Poverty

    Norah is only six years old, but she has a business plan to ensure that her family’s sponsorship is fully funded each year. Learn how this little entrepreneur is creating her own products to make a big difference.

    Tivani prays on her bed
    An Answered Prayer

    "For those of you who are still waiting for something, please don’t give up. Don’t stop praying. I prayed for almost five years and God answered my prayers." Tivani, 11, prayed for five years for a Bible of her own, even when she knew her father couldn’t afford it. Learn how God answered her prayers.

    meeting Roger's family
    Artistic Advocacy

    When Rebecca came home from her trip to Uganda, she decided to take on a bigger role in the fight against poverty. How was she going to do it? She would start by picking up a paint brush.

    meeting Roger's family
    Beauty in Faith

    "The center helped me become the person I am today," says Darling. "I learned the most important thing at the center… to love God above all else and to put my faith in Him because He will make a way." Learn how Darling’s faith carried her over obstacles and through a journey that helped break the cycle of poverty in her life.

    mom and baby
    Rwanda Survival
    Saving Sabine

    Love has no limits, and motherhood extends beyond biology. This Mother’s Day, we honor women who love extravagantly despite unfathomable obstacles — women like Nadia, who was faced with a terrifying situation when she heard cries in the Rwandan bush.