|   Posted: October 01, 2021

You Inspire Us

A Bolivian girl smiles at the camera

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:21 (NIV), “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Compassion supporters demonstrate with their time and resources that their hearts reflect the love of Jesus to our neighbors around the world. Sometimes it means they must move their treasure around — like cutting an eating-out budget, skipping that online purchase for the month or stopping to write a letter before turning on their favorite show at night.

What motivates our dedicated supporters to make sacrifices and give generously? We’ve found that many have a compelling “why” — a personal reason to give — that keeps them joyfully connected to their sponsored child. Each “why” is as unique and amazing as each of our supporters.

Lately I have been feeling the pain of the world. So much fear, lack of water and food, displacement. I'm always asking God what I can do from my little corner of the world. How can I help?

— Donna, CA

God has blessed me and I just wanna bless others too!

— Wesley, TX

When I saw Richard (our sponsored child), I saw a boy without hope who could become a young man with a future and change the future of his country. There is so much potential in these young people. They just need a loving hand to change their future. I can't be there but God has blessed me with resources. How can I who has been so blessed not give so little.

— Joseph, GA

Little girls are so vulnerable. I want to give them hope.

— Kimberly, NH

I choose to sponsor because I saw myself at a young age in her eyes. I want her to know there is a wonderful God and Savior who loves her and will be with her no matter what is happening in her life.

— Nancy, VA

I believe that we are each other's keeper. Our children need to be kept, protected and loved.

— Tammy, MN

I have been so blessed to have more than I need and I can't imagine a better way to give back than to help children and their families.

— Kristin, FL

The Holy Spirit put [our sponsored child] in front of us. We prayed about her and were told to sponsor her. I filled out the paperwork online for her, but was told someone else had sponsored her. We praised God for her new sponsor. Two weeks later Compassion told us she was still available [and] I said not anymore! She is so wonderful [and] a blessing to us.

— John, OH

So what’s your “why”? Tag us @Compassion on social media and share the reasons you choose to support children in poverty around the world.