Why Should Kids Donate to Charity?

While raising a child who loves helping others can sound difficult in practice, it can reap huge rewards. The lessons children learn when they are young stay with them forever and shape who they become into adulthood. With a bit of guidance, children regularly and enthusiastically embrace the idea of taking care of others.

Kids that help kids learn how to focus on a cause and need greater than themselves. They shed their youthful self-centeredness and grow into selflessness. The benefit is an outward servant mindset that squeezes out the typical entitlement behavior of children.

Kids helping kids understand the heart of God and His love for the poor and needy. God instructs his children to “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead for the widow” (Isaiah 1:17, NIV). Donating to a charity directly or fundraising for children helps a child personalize God’s will for us and grow closer to His heart.

When children raise money for a cause they care about, it is the initial bloom of a global and other-focused heart. Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Luke 12:34, NIV)

In the process of raising money for the purposes of helping children, the young fundraiser learns about money management. He or she has to keep track of the donations, along with the donor information and donation amount, and has to deliver the funds to the organization helping the children. This give the child a chance to showcase responsibility, organization, and decision-making skills. It also boosts self-esteem.

When kids see the difference their efforts make, they become more inspired to give kids and those in need even more. They become inspired to keep doing big things. It often is just the beginning of a lifetime of philanthropy.

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Why Do Kids Make Great Advocates for Charities and Nonprofits?

Kids are awesome. They don’t always get enough credit for what they’re capable of. But when kids catch a vision, they’re unstoppable.

Kids don’t tend to care if their ideas are scalable or make business sense. They see sell-a-thons, bake sales, and car washes as quick and easy fundraising ideas to get started with. They don’t focus on what others may think. They are enthusiastic, creative and are able to see a pizza box as a way to raise funds.

Hearing stories about children helping others, like the three brothers who raised $8,000 for charity through their lemonade stand, are inspiring because they are a reminder that you don’t have to be big or powerful to have a fundraising event that makes a difference in the world. Passionate kids will invite anyone and everyone to join their cause, and they are hard to say no to. People take notice of child philanthropists.

How Do I Get My Kids Interested in Donating to Charity?

You can start by doing a bible study or family devotion that focuses on helping others. A family devotional time focusing on generosity, humility and thankfulness will get kids thinking about how God can use them to further His kingdom.

Teaching your child about the importance of serving and helping others is one thing, but you can really grab their attention by letting them experience some needs firsthand. Consider these activities as a way to inspire your children to get involved:

  • Skip a meal on occasion or take part in our $2 Dinner Challenge to help your children understand what it is like for children and families living in extreme poverty
  • Go a day without using the tap to gain an appreciation for the importance of clean water
  • Have your kids carry buckets filled with water through the neighborhood to understand what some kids go through to get water to their homes
  • Put all toys/technology away for a day and see what life might be like for someone who has very little

The activity may feel like a game to your kids, which will help them stay engaged. But it will also allow them to experience real empathy for people who face these issues every day.

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What are Good Charities and Nonprofits for Kids to Donate to?

Kids are motivated to donate to a cause they can relate to. It could be an issue that a loved one has dealt with or something that they hear about on the news, at school, or from a friend.

To determine which charity or nonprofit is good for kids to donate to, it’s important to determine what’s important to them and to research the potential non-profit organizations. Steps one and two in our how to sponsor a child guide include many helpful questions and links to help make the best decision.

Since our program is all about kids, kids will be easily drawn to one or more aspects of our ministry. We even have a kids’ magazine that helps kids learn about the lives of children who live in poverty around the world!

Sponsoring a child is a fun, engaging, and rewarding family activity. Not only can children have fun fundraising to help with the monthly sponsorship, they also can write the sponsored child and develop a friendship. The financial support and fundraising efforts personalize the benefits delivered to everyone involved.

If a kid isn't up for a monthly sponsorship commitment, there are plenty one-time fundraising opportunities that meet specific needs. Kids 13 and older can use Facebook to fundraise to provide clean water for children and families, provide medical care when immediate help is needed, including lifesaving heart surgeries, or to help fight the spread of diseases such as Ebola virus, Zika virus, Chikungunya virus, and the coronavirus COVID-19.

Kids can also help kids by fundraising to provide clean and hygienic toilets in low-income communities or help prevent malaria by supplying mosquito nets that will help families rest easier! There is no shortage of opportunities for your kids to help other kids.

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Sponsoring a child or donating to Compassion not only benefits the children participating in our program. It will grow your children into global-minded citizens who are motivated to make a difference in the world. Help them get involved today!

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