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Poverty Around the World

Billions of people around the world live in poverty. The economy shuns them. The environment attacks them. They suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually.

a woman comforts a suffering boy while another woman bows her head in prayer

Around the world, the poor carry the burden of poverty on their heads and on their backs.

women laborers carrying bulky sacks of harvested tea leaves on their backs

a man carries a mattress on his head while walking in waist deep water

a man carries a bundle of sticks on his back

And they carry a shade of poverty in their hearts.

a boy sits on the bank of a stream filled with trash

And wear it etched on their faces.

an elderly maasai man sits with his back against a mud hut

In working with kids in poverty all around the world, we see poverty trying to steal joy, destroy dignity and put hope to death. We see poverty trying to enslave children and sustain helplessness for generations. And we see the shells of people it conquers.

But poverty doesn’t always win. Not even close.

Our pictures of poverty show that joy, hope and dignity can still bloom in the hearts of the poor.

Poverty cannot snuff out a life — unless we let it. Please don't let it.

Help a child in poverty cast off her burden.

two haitian girls smile and laugh

Help a child in poverty somewhere around the world escape the darkness smothering him. Sponsor a child today.

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