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People are generous. In fact, one of the most astounding charitable giving facts is that more than 95 percent of people participate in charitable giving.

Giving a financial donation to a cause you believe in is an easy and effective way to show your support. And the facts about charitable giving show that it is a growing trend.

Now more than ever before, people are giving generous donations to causes they believe in. However, despite access to solid research and information, many people still feel a certain amount of distrust in how their money will be handled.

Integrity is one of our core values, and we work to make this evident in how we handle our finances. We know, based on the facts about charitable giving, more and more people care about where they donate their money.

The facts about charitable giving
  • The average age of a donor in the U.S. is 62. 1
  • Total giving to charitable organizations increased to $390.05 billion in 2016. 2
  • Historically, charitable giving rises about one-third as fast as the stock market. 3
  • Almost half of U.S. donors (47 percent) give money to three to five organizations, and 15 percent give to six or more. 4
  • Thirty-two percent of all charitable dollars went to religion in 2016, more than double any other charitable sector. 2
  • In 2016, the largest source of charitable giving came from individuals at $281.86 billion, or 72 percent of total giving; followed by foundations (15 percent), bequests (8 percent), and corporations (5 percent). 2
  • About 7.2 percent of overall fundraising revenue, excluding grants, was raised online. 1
  • Online giving grew 7.9 percent in 2016. 1
  • The average online donation amount in 2016 was $128. 1
  • Of all online donations in 2016, 10 percent were $1,000 or more. 1
  • In 2016, 17 percent of online transactions were made using a mobile device. 1
  • December remains the largest giving month of the year followed by June. 1
  • Online giving in December increased for the second consecutive year and represented 21.8% of all online giving. 1
Top five reasons why people give:
  1. To meet critical, basic needs
  2. To give back to society by making the community a better place
  3. A belief that those with more should help those with less
  4. To bring about a desired impact or result
  5. A request for money was made

Sources: 1Blackbaud 2016 Charitable Giving Report, 2Giving USA 2017, 3The Foundation Center and 4Gallup, Charitable Giving: Donors Focus On One or Two Organizations, June 14, 2016.

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