|   Posted: September 01, 2020

Bea has a lot of things going against her. Life could seem hopeless, but it’s not. Why? Because Bea met Jesus.

Keeping Busy for God

Bea has a lot of things going against her. Life could seem hopeless, but it’s not. Why? Because Bea met Jesus.

Bea prays in her home

This is Bea. She lives in the Philippines. If you were to meet her, you’d find a sweet, fun and vibrant girl. Someone who loves cracking jokes and breaking into spontaneous dance moves — who expresses gratefulness in every situation and loves serving others.

What you wouldn’t necessarily realize is that Bea lives in poverty. She is being raised only by her mother. Her father is in prison. Bea has faced significant challenges in her life, yet she overflows with love, kindness and gratitude. What is her secret?

Well, it’s not really a secret … it’s Jesus!

Bea and her family
Bea reading her Bible

But let’s back up so you get the full story …

When Bea was just 6 years old, local church workers approached her family and invited her to take part in the Compassion Child Sponsorship Program.

“They said they were sponsoring children so that they could grow to become educated, healthy and godly individuals,” says Norissa, Bea’s mother. “They wanted to register my daughter in the student center, but I hesitated.”

Norissa admits that she doubted the church. But her husband, Dax, convinced her that it would be good for Bea and for their family. So, Bea was enrolled at the local Compassion-assisted child development center!

At the time, Bea’s parents were having a hard time keeping a steady income. Her father was making some money doing odd jobs but eventually went another direction: selling drugs.

“Those were the darkest days of my life,” Norissa says. “We used to fight a lot because he let his buddies into our tiny house even at very late hours in the evening. I threatened to kick him out of the house. Jesus was clearly not yet the center of our family back then.”

Just two years after Bea was enrolled at the child development center, her father was arrested for drug possession and trafficking and was sent to prison.

Being raised in poverty by a single parent could have robbed Bea of everything. However, because she was registered at the local Compassion center, Bea’s life has been changed in many ways — meeting Jesus perhaps being the most profound of all.

“This is one of the reasons why I am really grateful that I have become a sponsored child,” Bea says. “It was here at the center where I received Jesus as my personal Savior, it was here where my faith in God was strengthened, and it is here where I am now serving God.”

Bea dances in her church

Today, Bea exudes a spiritual maturity far beyond her years. She goes to church for prayer meetings on Friday evenings, dawn prayers and Compassion activities all day on Saturdays, and worship and fellowship on Sundays. At school, she looks for opportunities to share the gospel with other students.

“I’m keeping myself busy for God because that makes me happy,” Bea says.

And to top it off, Bea’s father finds peace knowing that his daughter is growing closer to God — so much so that it encourages him to do the same! Following his daughter’s example, Dax attends a Bible study with 80 other inmates in prison.

Through the spiritual care she receives at the Compassion center and her personal spiritual maturity, Bea’s life is changed forever — for eternity!

“I really am happy when I think of the Lord,” Bea says. “Jesus is the glue that holds our family together. … The only thing really that could make me sad is when I think that my father is in prison. But when I think again, I become happy because there, he is not doing drugs anymore and he goes to Bible study.”

Bea and her mother pray for Dax’s release. When that happens, says Bea, “The first thing I would like to do is to go to church with my father. Then I will really be the happiest girl at church.”

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