|   Posted: October 27, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Giving a Christmas Gift

Christmas gifts at a Compassion center

Have you ever given a loved one a Christmas gift that was just really good? You know, one of those gifts that’s extra thoughtful? Something you know will make them feel so loved?

My brothers and I did that for my parents a few years ago. Instead of buying them each a “thing,” we decided to ask one of my friends to take professional photos of us — and that’s what we gave to our parents for Christmas. It was perfect. They were SO surprised and grateful. And as is the custom in my family, there were lots of happy tears.

Those kinds of gifts are the best. And we have the perfect way for you to give one of these really good gifts this year … to a child living in poverty!

Christmas is a great time to send a child in poverty a special gift. And it’s super easy! If you’re ready to give, click the link above, select the amount you would like to give, and click “Donate Now.” But if you’d like more information before donating, keep reading to get your questions answered!

What kinds of gifts do kids receive at Christmas?

Each child will receive a gift personally selected for him or her. It will be something the child needs or has been hoping for. Examples of Christmas gifts include coloring books, toy cars, clothes, dolls and action figures, soccer balls, shoes and food.

Does giving a gift at Christmas matter?

Yes, giving a Christmas gift absolutely matters. A Christmas gift signifies hope. It reminds children in poverty that they are loved, remembered and cherished. And for many, those are life-changing reminders.

Did you know that many children in poverty have never received a Christmas gift? This breaks my heart — and I’m sure it breaks yours, too. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that EVERY Compassion-sponsored child receives a Christmas gift.

a girl holds a Christmas gift

Does the gift I give go directly to my sponsored child?

Yes and no — let me explain. When you give a Christmas gift, it goes directly into a fund used to purchase gifts for every single child in the program.

We combine your donation with others so that gifts of equal value can be purchased for EVERY child in the program. Why? Because we know there are sponsors who won’t be able to send a Christmas gift this year. Plus, there are kids who don’t even have sponsors yet. And we don’t want anybody to be left out!

When your sponsored child receives the gift, he or she will hear that it’s from you. But know that your donation to the Christmas Gift Fund will both ensure that your sponsored child receives a Christmas gift and that all other Compassion-sponsored children will too. Your gift will send joy across the whole world!

Can I pick out exactly what I’d like to give to my sponsored child?

Living far away from your sponsored child makes it difficult to know what exactly he or she needs and what is available in his or her community. That’s why a local staff member or volunteer who knows your sponsored child personally will pick out a gift your child needs or has been hoping for. The same will be done for every child in the Compassion program.

How much should I give?

A donation of $25 will provide a gift for one child. So, we suggest giving at least $25! However, the more you give, the more we'll be able to spread joy to every child! Donate $100? You’ll help us give four kids gifts. Donate $250? Ten. And so on.

When do I need to give by?

Giving a Christmas gift by Oct. 31 ensures our church partners have the time they need to shop for thoughtful gifts, wrap them and get them to every child in the program.

Give a really good Christmas gift to a child living in poverty!