An Ethiopian woman uses a knife to cut into a large loaf of dabo.
    Dabo is a traditional Ethiopian bread that's very different from injera, the bread usually associated with the East African country.
    Three bowls of wild mushroom soup sit on a table next to three hot peppers
    Wild Mushroom Soup
    Mexican cuisine features a variety of wild mushrooms in tamales, salads, stews — and soups like this one!
    Learn How to Make Githeri
    This simple, nourishing stew of corn and beans, githeri (guh-THEE-ree) is a staple dish in Kenya.
    Arroz con Leche
    Arroz con leche is a rice pudding enjoyed as a dessert or snack throughout Central America.
    These sweet or savory stuffed pastries are beloved throughout Latin America.
    Crispy Baked Yams
    Fried yams are a popular street food in Ghana. This baked version is similar but healthier.
    Baião de Dois
    This easy, versatile dish featuring black-eyed peas is popular in the northeastern part of Brazil.
    Burkina Faso
    Burkinabé Tô
    The go-to Burkinabé food, tô is a cooked mixture of water and millet, cornmeal or sorghum that is dipped into sauces, soups or stews.
    Arroz Navideño
    Christmas Rice is popular throughout Latin America, not only at Christmastime. This recipe from Ecuador has an unexpected ingredient: cola!
    Ethiopian Coffee
    To experience one element of the important Ethiopian coffee ceremony, learn how to roast coffee beans at home.
    Sri Lanka
    Mango Lassi

    Your family can pray for children in Sri Lanka while making this creamy drink.

    Fish Soup

    This easy Thai fish soup recipe comes from the family of Surachai and Jatupon, two sponsored brothers in Thailand. It's one of their favorite meals!