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April 2013 Sponsor eNews


It Works: Junior's Story

Growing up in Ecuador, Junior Vera faced the temptaions of drugs, alcohol and crime. Watch Junior's journey, and see how sponsorship changed the teen's life.


Making the Impossible Possible

In Tanzania, back to school doesn't mean buying school supplies - it means overcoming obstacles. Read how Compassion helped brothers succeed in school.


How Often Do You Consider Safe Water?

For most children in Ghana, water comes with a cost. See how a filtration system from Compassion can provide safe water for life.


A Mother Who Never Gave Up

When her family threatens to force her to abort her unborn daughter, an Indian mother finds an advocate through the Child Survival Program.


Student Leaders Care for the Widow and Fatherless

Students in the Leadership Development Program reach out to a widow - and learn the true meaning of "caring for the least of these."


A Miracle for Sandra

For a little girl in Ghana, Compassion's care could not have come at a more miraculous time!

Family Finds Hope and Life

Family Finds Hope and Life

After burying two children, a mother tries to save her only remaining child. As HIV plagues their family, she must ask, is it too late?


Sponsorship in Six Words

What if you had only six words to describe our experience as a Compassion sponsor? A few Compassion staffers came up with these ideas.

  • Random pick doesn't seem random anymore.
  • Thought I gave. But I received.
  • My child shows me Him.
  • Abundant life for kids in poverty.

What would your six words be?


10 Reasons Pastors Encourage You to Write

We asked the pastors of Compassion centers in the countries where we work to share with you why letter-writing is so important. Here are their top 10 reasons!

10. Those letters are treasured by our children and their families. They are kept where they cannot be rained on even if other household things can be rained on.

See the top 10 reasons