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Sponsored children are very grateful and consider themselves blessed to have sponsors who want to get to know them. The children are touched by the affection you express in your letters and the prayers you share with them.

The children are as curious to know more about your lives and families, as you are to know about them.

Get to Know Your Sponsored Child
24 Things Every Sponsor Should Know About Sponsoring a Child

We asked our some of our employees and sponsors to share what they consider the most important things to know about sponsoring a child and what they most wished they had known when they first began sponsoring a child.

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Detailed Information About Your Child

You can find the most detailed information about your sponsored child’s personal and family life, child development center and community "My Account." Log in and click on "My Sponsorships" on the left of the page.

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Learn About Your Child’s Country

Choose the country where your child lives to learn about its history, climate, culture, population, and more.

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What Your Sponsored Child Wants to Hear From You
The things you share in your letters may feel like every day news to you but they're evidence of your love.

How Long Does My Sponsorship Last?
Our completion guidelines include consideration of the child's age, our goals for each individual child and the goals each child has personally set.

Your Sponsored Child's Photo: What Does it Tell You?
“Why is my child wearing such nice clothing?” “Why is my child not smiling?” “My child’s newest picture doesn’t look like my child. Why?”

Do Sponsored Children Have Expectations of Their Sponsors?
Here is one pastor's thoughts about a sponsor's involvement in a child’s life.

How Do We Teach the Children in Our Programs?
We have created a global curriculum to help develop children holistically. It's designed to be similar to an after-school enrichment program.

How is Our Sponsorship Program Different Than "Regular" Schooling?
We facilitate a holistic child development program that complements and supplements the school systems in the countries we work in.

Independent Research Show That Child Sponsorship Through Compassion Works

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