|   Posted: May 22, 2018

Your Sponsorship Goes Mobile

We’ve told you how great the new Compassion Mobile App is (go ahead and download it if you haven’t already). But we thought you might want to hear directly from three sponsors: Leigh, Mike and Allegra. Each of them recently went on a Compassion Sponsor Trip to Uganda, and now they’re using the Compassion App to continue to build relationships with their sponsored children!

Leigh standing with one of her sponsored children from Uganda

“My name is Leigh, and I live in Alabama. I sponsor four children through Compassion: Musa, 20, Uganda; Zakharia, 20, Indonesia; Magrena, 15, Haiti; and Lucero, 13, Peru.”

Mike standing with one of his sponsored children from Uganda

“I’m Mike, and I live in Nebraska. I sponsor four children: Jasper, 22, in Uganda; Colistar, 20, in Kenya; Mayra, who just turned 19, from Peru; and Teresa, 18, in the Dominican Republic.”

Allegra standing with one of her sponsored children from Uganda

“I’m Allegra, and I live in California. My Compassion kids are Resty, 17, Uganda; Meshack, 16, Tanzania; and Yhiliam, 3, Colombia.”


How do you feel about the Compassion app?

Leigh: “I’m a new fan! I got the app after a friend on the Uganda Sponsor Tour trip ... kept telling us how great it is.”

Allegra: “I love the Compassion app, and I am so thankful for it. It has truly made me a better sponsor. Having the app makes letter writing so much easier, and it has all the information about my sponsored children right in their profile.”

Mike: “I love using the app to share the story of Compassion with people I meet. When I volunteer at Compassion events, I love to show people the pictures of my children. I’m able to share their stories and give potential sponsors a glimpse of what it means to become a sponsor.”

Mike embracing his sponsored child from Uganda

What is your favorite feature on the Compassion app?

Leigh: “I like being able to write letters (and attach pictures) from my phone. I also like the available reminders to pray and write. Being able to give additional gifts from the app has also been helpful.”

Allegra: “There are so many wonderful things about the app. I love being able to send letters and pictures straight from my phone (and receive them!), and I also like how it tells me when the last time I had written to my child was.”

Mike: “It’s hard to pick just one feature! Having photos of my children in my phone is a great way for me to start a conversation about Compassion. Having the calendar reminders, such as how long it has been since my last letter and how long before the next birthday, is helpful too.”

Allegra standing with her sponsored child from Uganda

How does the Compassion app help you feel closer to your sponsored child?

Leigh: “[I like] being able to see the center locations on a map. I’m not sure why it makes me feel closer to be told that the center in Indonesia is 10,000 miles away, but knowing that it’s 80 degrees and partly cloudy there is fun! And it’s another reminder that these are real kids with real lives and real needs.”

Allegra: “You can see information about your child's country, climate and their home and school life. This is helpful because I can get a better, more tangible idea of the child’s world, and it gives me more ideas of things to write to them about.”

Mike: “I really enjoy the mapping and weather feature (maybe because I’m a geography geek)! Being able to see the exact location of the Compassion center and also know the current time and weather where my sponsored children live allows me to imagine what they might be doing at the time I check the app.”

Leigh embracing her sponsored child from Uganda

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