|   Posted: December 01, 2020

Understanding “Compassion” in a New Way

“Compassion” is a word we hear a lot in our churches, in our communities and, as Compassion International sponsors, in our giving. But it’s not often that we take the time to think about what that word really means.

Our friends at BibleProject created this powerful video to show how the word “compassion” reveals God’s character. In just five minutes, you’ll be taken on a journey from the Old Testament's use of that word all the way to when compassion shows up in the form of the Savior of the world.

We’d love to invite you to take a pause today to watch this video. Not only will it provide you with some Bible-based wisdom, but we believe it will encourage you in a profound way. Once you’re done watching, scroll down below the video for a few reflection questions. Then, take a few minutes to pray over what you’ve learned as you move into the next part of your day. We hope this will be an encouragement in your life today!

Reflection Questions

  1. What aspects of God’s compassion do you find most powerful in your life?
  2. In the video, the narrator says that compassion involves action. How have you seen other people act compassionately in your life? How have you acted compassionately in the past?
  3. What is one way you can show compassion to someone in your life today?
  4. What is one way you can consistently show compassion to the child you sponsor?

To close, take a few minutes to pray.

Dear Lord, thank you for being a God of compassion. Thank you for the compassion that you have shown me throughout my life. I am sorry for the ways I have not acted compassionately — please forgive me. I ask that you reveal your compassion to me in new and powerful ways. Give me opportunities to act compassionately toward others. And please continue to reveal your compassionate character to the child I sponsor. I love you so much. Amen.

Interested in sharing some of the wisdom and compassion you learned about today? Send a note of encouragement to the child you sponsor today!