By: Catherine Ryan   |   Posted: February 22, 2022

How Do Sponsored Children Pray?

Written by Catherine Ryan
A girl praying in a field

Life in poverty gives sponsored children a unique perspective on prayer. They may not know where their next meal will come from or what will happen if they get sick or whether their roof will protect them the next time it rains. Yet many young people in Compassion’s holistic child development program have unquestionable faith that God is in control — and it shows through the way they pray …

With Certainty

“When I think about God, all is different. I’ve never seen him, but I know he’s real, and I trust in him. All I know is he’s good, kind and powerful. When I was in the hospital due to appendicitis surgery, I prayed to God, and he answered my prayers. I still have many prayers that God hasn’t responded to, but I’m still waiting.”

— Iarley, 9, in Brazil


With Peace

“I believe the Lord has been my shepherd all my life. I have everything I need; God is my shepherd, and he will take care of me.”

— Kelvin, 22, in Kenya


For Their Family

“My prayer to God for the longest time was to change my parents’ spiritual life. I was not happy that my parents were not Christians. I always asked God that by the day I was baptized, my parents would have embraced salvation. At every prayer gathering I was part of at the project or church, I would share this as my prayer request … God is faithful. My baptism was celebrated in a big way, because my parents had accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.”

— Gisele, 14, in Rwanda


For Their Education

“God’s guidance through my life has been a big blessing, without which it would not be possible for me to help my family and do my studies. I thank him for the knowledge that he gives me to prepare for my Grade 10 board exams and pray that he will help me become stronger in math and economics.”

— Angela, 18, in Bangladesh


With Purpose

“The many challenges I encountered in life I know are part of God’s will. It is important for our generation to say no to temptations and to know that God made us for a purpose. God’s will for me is to not take the wrong path but to make wise decisions in life.”

— Jessel, 17, in the Philippines


With Joy

"I like to pray. When I close my eyes, I feel how God sees me and pays attention to what I'm saying. In the moments of trouble, praying brings peace to my heart, and [in] the moments of gratitude he brings joy."

— Alisson, 8, in Guatemala


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