|   Posted: May 11, 2023

Practical ways to grow close to your sponsored child and incorporate them into your family.

How to Make Your Sponsored Child Feel Like Part of the Family

Practical ways to grow close to your sponsored child and incorporate them into your family.

Story and photos by Nico Benalcazar, Daniela Velasco, Fernando Sinacay
a girl writes a letter to her sponsor

The opportunity to build a relationship with your sponsored child is one of the most rewarding and powerful parts of the sponsorship program. However, between distance and the busyness of everyday life, it can be difficult to be intentional and stay focused on your relationship with your sponsored child. Listed below are some practical ways to make your sponsored child feel like a part of the family along with keeping them in your thoughts and prayers.

Celebrate Your Sponsored Child!

Celebrate special days and milestones with your sponsored child whenever you get the chance, just as you would with members of your own family. Birthdays, graduations and holidays are all great opportunities to make your sponsored child feel seen and loved. Send them a monetary gift, letter or photo! Let them know they are special to you and that you are thinking of them. Include friends and family in the fun and brainstorm unique ways to love on your sponsored child on their special day.

Research Your Sponsored Child’s Culture

Do a little research and educate yourself on your sponsored child’s culture, country and region. You may be separated by distance, but knowing about the traditions, weather, agriculture and history of your sponsored child’s culture can help you feel connected to them and know how to better engage with them. Make it your mission to research and learn until their home feels as familiar as your own.

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Cherish Special Moments and Items

You most likely flip through family photo albums from your childhood every now and then or create new ones for your own kids. In the same way, as you exchange letters, photos and special items with your sponsored child, save them so that you have special moments to look back on as your sponsored child grows. Frame then, use them to decorate your fridge or keep them in a journal as a reminder to keep your sponsored child in prayer. As the years pass by, you can look back and treasure all the sweet letters, photos and mementos that helped strengthen your bond with your sponsored child.

Write to Your Sponsored Child

You don’t pass by your sponsored child in the hallway or chat with them over breakfast like you might with your sibling or spouse, but letter writing is a great way to stay connected with your sponsored child and consistently engage with them. Ask questions about their friends, hobbies, school and what part of the Compassion program they’re enjoying the most! Share fun details about yourself and feel free to include photos, crafts or drawings. The Compassion app is a great resource for writing letters and sharing photos with your sponsored child, all at the click of a button.

Write to your sponsored child today!

a girl holds a letter from her sponsor

Encourage your child with a letter.

a girl holds a letter from her sponsor