|   Posted: April 11, 2023

How is My Money Used Each Month?

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Your contribution equips the Body of Christ to change children’s lives.

Stewardship is vital to our mission, so we seek to be transparent about how your dollars are used, and we’re devoted to stewardship in our financial integrity and financial accountability. Your contribution helps equip local churches to provide hope for children in poverty. Our dedication to honor Jesus Christ in all that we do is at the center of our mission as we serve him through helping children across the world.

At Compassion, we know it can be difficult to know exactly how you are changing lives with your support. We receive questions from sponsors like Nancy, who tells us:

“I am getting a bit concerned with the cost of sponsoring a child. Where is the money going that isn’t going to the children? I would hate to think it is for glossier, overedited advertising or staff bloat to make sponsors feel better.”

At the core of concerns like this one are three main questions, which we are happy to answer:

  • How is Compassion different from other organizations?
  • What does my sponsored child get with my donation?
  • Where is the money going that isn't going directly to the children?

So, how is Compassion different from other organizations?

We want our sponsors to be informed and excited about where their money is going. At Compassion, your support goes toward fully releasing children from poverty. The sponsorship program is structured around a personal connection with your sponsored child that supports that holistic goal.

While other child sponsorship programs may focus on one or two areas of a child’s development, Compassion is dedicated to a global holistic child development, tending to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being of children around the world. We are also 100% sponsor and donor supported, free of any government funding, which makes your support crucial to our mission.

We are Christ-centered, child-focused and church-driven.

What does your sponsored child receive with your donation?

Your contribution supports our church-run child development centers, covering the costs of providing the services and opportunities that make up our program. There are so many services your sponsored child needs that require funding: educational support, health care supplies and training, hygiene and nutrition supplies and so much more. All of these provide both lifesaving resources and enriching opportunities that give these children hope for a better future.

Through the center, your sponsored child learns healthy hygiene practices and gains health care support, including regular medical and dental check-ups. They receive cognitive development opportunities through tutoring. Your donation means your sponsored child has the opportunity to grow their skills, attend school and ultimately pursue their dreams. Poverty will not limit their potential thanks to your partnership with Compassion.

Your contribution supports the Compassion center where your sponsored child can find community and emotional support. This safe and loving environment demonstrates Compassion’s true commitment to Christ’s values and creates a place for your sponsored child to grow and witness the love of Christ every day.

Where is the money going that isn't going directly to the children?

Your support as a donor goes directly toward releasing children from poverty. Specifically, at least 80% of expenses fund project grants, program services and child advocacy. This includes the money sent to countries where our Frontline Church Partners are working. The other 20% of expenses help children in a different way — paying for administration, marketing and fundraising to raise awareness so more children can be released from poverty. Every dollar is used prayerfully to best enable us to reach as many children as possible with life-changing care and the love of Jesus.

Your contribution is crucial to our mission of releasing every child from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Thank you for your support!