Child Sponsorship India
    Poverty to Ph.D.

    A look back on our work in India: Forced to quit school at age 10, Masilamani seemed destined to become a low-paid buffalo herder.

    Critical Needs Indonesia
    Safe Haven

    After her husband dies, a young widow finds help keeping her sons healthy and safe.

    Child Sponsorship Philippines
    Hope in the Wastelands

    Sponsored children live in the toughest environments but receive help and the hope for a better future.

    Shamim Nakiyemba

    "The support and hope Compassion has given me in my life has motivated me to have love and care for children with disabilities."

    Somporn Fairuay

    With no stable income and little knowledge of child care, Compassion Survival could be the answer for him.

    Critical Needs Burkina Faso
    Church Sheds Light on Critical Needs

    Solar panels provide power to an African community and safe water to sponsored children and their families.

    Dominican Republic
    Yannely Suero

    Yannely is working to start a foundation that will help sick little girls and boys in the Dominican Republic at no cost.

    Child Sponsorship Indonesia
    A Rock on an Island
    On an island with limited opportunity, a rock-solid church frees up sponsored children’s unlimited potential.
    Carlos Garcia

    A group of tutors and staff from the Compassion center helped Carlos understand that his life did have meaning.

    Olive stands in front of a green wall
    Olive Aneno

    My life has changed only because someone believed that they could make a difference. That they could release a child from poverty.

    Child Sponsorship Kenya
    From Patient to Pioneer

    As a sponsored child in Kenya, a malaria researcher suffered from the illness he now works to eradicate.

    Survival Bolivia
    Value Beyond Words

    Bolivian mothers in Compassion Survival gain life-changing literacy skills along with parenting and spiritual support.