Youth Development Philippines
    Adam’s Purpose

    Adam grew up surrounded by political unrest that plagues his home country of the Philippines. Compassion helped him discover his purpose in battling violent extremism through social media.

    A Gift of Commitment

    Michael cherished his sponsor letters because his sponsor would quote Scripture and say a prayer for him and his family.

    Child Sponsorship El Salvador
    Father to the Fatherless

    What can bring hope to a little boy who feels lost and alone? Read about this beautiful, surprising source of healing for 7-year-old Justin!

    Child Sponsorship Letter Writing
    Your Sponsorship Goes Mobile

    Three sponsors use the Compassion App to strength the relationship with their sponsored children!

    Sponsors and Donors Guatemala
    Miracles in a Garbage Dump

    Children who live near a landfill in Guatemala City can now go to a safe school thanks to an alliance between a church in Guatemala, a U.S. church and Compassion.

    Sponsors and Donors Kenya
    Forever Changed

    The beautiful and the broken intersect in a sponsor’s life as she pushes herself to keep going after devastating news.

    A Gift of Worth

    "My sponsors often wrote me letters, and in those letters I first heard the words ‘I love you.’"

    Survival Central America and Caribbean Guatemala
    Zika’s Echo Has Faded Only From the News

    The virus’s effects resound in the everyday lives of mothers like Maria and her son, Bryan.

    Child Sponsorship Africa Kenya
    Abandoned at Birth, Thriving at 11

    It takes a village, a church and a sponsor to help a woman raise the child she found.

    A Gift of Joy

    "God used an ordinary person to change the life of a child, and He can use you too."

    Photos and Videos Uganda
    Fortified Future

    Sponsorship changes everything for a girl who lives in a crumbling home and can’t afford school.

    Child Development Workers Philippines
    Seeking a Safe Space

    At 13 years old, Angeline began spending time on the streets — because it was safer there than in her home. See how Compassion gave Angeline a truly safe place.