Letter Writing For New Sponsors
    Letters Bring Hope

    You will never know how much your words matter.

    Advocacy Sponsors and Donors
    A Sponsor’s Harrowing Climb for Kids in Poverty

    Two years of intense training couldn’t prepare her for everything Mount Rainier had in store.

    Youth Development Dominican Republic
    Becoming a Dominican Doctor

    Ariel and his wife, Yara Maria, are both doctors. But as an adolescent, poverty threatened to keep Ariel from his dreams.

    Ethiopia Compassion Survival
    God’s Handiwork

    A joyful announcement turns into near tragedy as a mother grapples with rejection.

    Uganda Special Needs
    Girl With Disabilities Knows She Is Not a Curse

    A mother and daughter find love and acceptance in their local church after fleeing death threats.

    Fredy Setiawan

    Children at the Compassion center get to see that transformation is possible through Fredy's life.

    Grace Ramos

    Grace is blessed with one father who gave her a foundation of love and one who stepped forward to help support her dream.

    Child Development Workers Ghana
    Protecting Children From Trafficking

    Behind the Scenes: Henry Tetteh Amanor, a Ghanaian Compassion center director, explains how he and his colleagues fight trafficking in their community of New Ningo.

    Child Sponsorship India
    Braving the Odds

    A teenager finds courage and support to reject a damaging, age-old tradition in her village.

    About Compassion India
    Worship in Adversity

    Leaving India hurts deeply, but we trust God’s sovereignty.

    Photos and Videos India
    Silver Linings

    How sponsors and donors enabled the Church in India to transform lives over nearly half a century.

    Sameson Tilahun

    Sameson says his journey to transformation started at Compassion.