A challenge to live differently for 30 days. Your family will grow in empathy and gratitude throughout this immersive experience.

    Survival Bolivia
    Gold Medal in Development

    Early childhood development is essential — but in a project in Bolivia, they also made it FUN! See how Compassion staff made things like crawling, building with blocks and finger painting into a fun showcase!

    Natilla y Bunuelos

    These holiday favorites are part of many celebrations in Colombia.

    Dominican Republic
    The Dominican Flag

    "La bandera" in Spanish, this famous dish features ingredients that represent the Caribbean country's flag.

    Quinoa and Black Bean Salad

    This protein-packed Bolivian dish can be served hot or cold. 

    Faith Prayer
    Faith Lesson Plan

    Thankfully, there is something that gives kids everywhere hope: faith in Jesus. Learn how God helps sponsored children around the world.

    Health Prayer
    Health Lesson Plan

    Thanks to Compassion sponsors, churches help teach sponsored children about health and cleanliness.

    Sprouting House

    What would it be like to live in a home that didn't protect you from the weather?

    Gulp Gulp Go

    See why sponsored kids love to make toy cars out of plastic bottles!

    Balancing Act

    God created the universe. Talk about hard work!

    Following Hope

    At Compassion centers around the world, teachers tell sponsored kids that God loves them and has a special plan for them.

    Hunger Prayer
    Hunger Lesson Plan

    God uses families to fight hunger around the world by sponsoring children in poverty.