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    Child Sponsorship Youth Development
    Fifteen Compassion Alumni Share About Life After Sponsorship

    We know child sponsorship works, but don’t just take our word for it. These Compassion grads are tangible proof that the cycle of poverty can be broken ... one empowered youth at a time.

    Child Sponsorship Philippines
    The 13-Year-Old Evangelist

    With a Bible in hand, a shy girl in the Philippines is living out the true purpose of the Great Commission.

    Photos and Videos Togo
    Delivered From Darkness

    A church in Togo fights occult-based traditions to free a 6-year-old girl from a Voodoo shrine.

    Youth Development Uganda
    A Promising Path

    A recent graduate who served impoverished children in the U.S. returns to Uganda to help orphans and widows there.

    Child Sponsorship Bangladesh Honduras Peru
    What Sponsored Kids Are Thankful For

    Find out what makes children who live in poverty feel grateful.

    Oscar Torrez

    Oscar is excited to minister in his community, to reach the children and their families who need miracles of their own.

    Tanzanian Coconut Rice

    Experience a taste of East Africa by making this simple dish together with your family.

    Sponsors and Donors Ghana
    A Gift, a Godsend

    A sponsor’s gift allows one struggling family to open a new business and set up an education fund.

    Advocacy El Salvador
    PGA Golfer Gives Winnings to Children in Need

    Cameron Tringale funds classrooms and water projects in impoverished countries.

    Poverty 101 Africa
    A Vision for Africa

    An inspiring interview with Compassion Africa’s vice president.

    Youth Development Ghana
    Richard the Inventor

    An innovative teenager shows how far a little encouragement can go.

    Youth Development Tanzania
    Teen with Albinism Faces Threats and Stigma

    Sponsorship boosts a Tanzanian boy’s confidence by allowing him to attend school and Compassion activities.