|   Posted: April 20, 2023

A Formula for Excellence: Engagement + Training = Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

It started as a seed of an idea in Romi’s mind. As a partnership facilitator for Compassion Indonesia, Romi visits a group of centers and offers support to the staff, volunteers and students. During these visits, Romi noticed that as the students got older, they were more and more tempted to stop attending the center so they could work and provide for their families. Romi watched as those bright, engaged students worked in jobs that paid little, didn’t use their potential and offered few ways to advance.

That struggle is what inspired Romi to pilot a program called the Center for Excellence, an advanced training program that gives students the tools to find a job while keeping them engaged at the Compassion center. In just one year, most students learn the necessary skills to earn more than minimum wage at their chosen vocation. The program is so successful that Romi is working with other partnership facilitators to implement Centers for Excellence across Indonesia!

Provide life-changing training.

a girl smiles at the camera

Your gift to Compassion’s Youth Development Program will help young men and women access vocational trainings that will give them the skills they need to find solid work upon graduation. Your donation will help these students one day live independently, support their families and, ultimately, follow their dreams as they break the cycle of poverty.

a girl smiles at the camera