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Phoenix Leather Goods

A leading online retailer of fashion accessories with two web stores, BeltOutlet and CrookhornDavis.

Phoenix Leather Goods is a family-owned, online fashion retailer with an unparalleled commitment to exceptional customer service and affordable, quality goods. The business began in Naperville, Illinois in 1997 as a small business selling in several Midwest flea markets. Initial success on EBay led the family to open its own online presence,, which now sells men’s and women’s accessories in the United States and around the world.

“As a company, our core purpose is to enrich the lives of our customers, co-workers and the global community through service, charitable giving and honoring God,” says Gary Monds, founder and CEO of Phoenix Leather Goods. “Stated even more concisely, our mission is ‘We Sell to Help’”.

That mission is evident in the company’s long-standing partnership with Compassion International. The Monds family first became involved with Compassion in the 1980s and that relationship expanded over time to include the family business.

“We’ve been fortunate to see how Compassion has developed as an organization and how God is helping them to carry out their mission,” said Monds. “This background helped pave a natural path as we were seeking to fulfill our business mission. We wanted to partner with organizations who had a passion for helping ‘the least of these’ and who identified with Jesus.”

Currently, Phoenix Leather Goods is partnering with Compassion in support of Compassion Survival which provides mothers with quality prenatal care, regular home visits, nutritious food and birth assistance. Once the babies are born, mothers also receive training to help the children reach important, early development milestones.

“We fund Survival sites in Ecuador, Colombia and Haiti and have most recently added one in Nicaragua,” says Monds. “The regular reporting we receive from Compassion lets us and our associates know that we are having a real impact in people’s lives. Compassion operates with a high degree of integrity and we are seeing first-hand their success in helping children and people in need.

“If your company is seeking an opportunity to help those in need, let me encourage you to consider partnering with Compassion. The more you learn about their leaders, staff and programs, the more you will see that Compassion is a great investment in making a real difference in the lives of children and families around the world and in God’s kingdom.”

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