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A healthy alternative in fast-casual dining with more than 180 locations in six states.

Founded in 1995 and based in California, Flame Broiler is a restaurant chain offering a healthy alternative in fast-casual dining with more than 180 locations across the United States. The company was started by Young Lee, a UCLA graduate with a degree in economics, who saw the need for healthy and quick dining. “Our mission is to serve as many healthy bowls as possible while loving everyone we touch along the way,” says Christian Lee, head of operations for Flame Broiler. “We want to reach not only our store communities, but the entire world in sharing the blessings God gave us with those in need.”

Flame Broiler became a Compassion partner in 2009 focusing on child sponsorship around the world. In the years since, the company has sponsored nearly 400 children. “We are completely bought into Compassion’s ‘Three-Cord’ approach to ministry,” says Christian. “Working from Jesus through the church for our children is an incredibly sustainable child sponsorship program that creates lasting global impact beyond just meeting physical needs.”

Loving others and serving those in need are key components to Flame Broiler’s mission. For each new location the company opens, Flame Broiler sponsors two children and posts photos and information about Compassion sponsorship on the company website. “We want everyone in our company to know that we are not in business just for ourselves, but we invest in those who are in need the best we can,” says Christian. “When someone joins the Flame Broiler family, they know that they are part of something bigger than just serving healthy food.”

In reflecting on the partnership, Christian points to a deep-rooted trust and shared sense of values that continue to bind the two organizations together. “Compassion uses the funds we invest in the way we would utilize our funds,” he says. “Our partnership provides a powerful platform to inspire others and bring them into the work that Compassion is doing.”

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Flame Broiler: A Corporate Partner of Compassion International