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A leader in the natural products industry providing value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives.

Founded in 1968, NOW Foods is a leader in the natural products industry with a mission of providing value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives. The company began partnering with Compassion in 1995, and for more than two decades has focused the majority of its support on helping children impacted by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in East Africa.

Al Powers, NOW Ambassador and former NOW Health Group CEO, reflects on his visits to the field to see Compassion’s work in action. “Understanding the direct impact our support was having on the lives of the children and their families was deeply moving,” said Powers. “It also gave me the opportunity to experience first-hand the heart of Compassion as they met the physical and spiritual needs of each individual child.”

NOW Foods became the first Compassion partner to initiate a matching gift program to cover 50 percent of the monthly child sponsorship costs for employees. Today, the company sponsors more than 40 children and over the partnership lifetime, the total number of sponsored children exceeds 160. Many NOW Foods employees choose to become sponsors after attending one of the many presentations made by Powers who, along with his wife, has been sponsoring children for more than 30 years. “People want to work for companies who are engaged in a higher purpose. When you involve the entire company in something bigger – like changing the lives of children living in poverty – it gives all of us a powerful reason to come to work,” said Powers.

Over its almost 50-year history, NOW Foods has remained committed to sharing its blessings and good fortune with others. Each quarter, the company makes charitable contributions to Compassion and other nonprofits tied to financial results. The better the company performs, the greater the charitable funding. “Good charity is also good business,” said Powers. “As business leaders, it’s incumbent on us to follow the Law of Reciprocity so as our blessings increase, so too do our blessings on others.”

The blessings from NOW Foods’ support of Compassion’s HIV/AIDS Fund are significant. Thousands of children, parents and caregivers have received vital education on HIV prevention and awareness, hundreds of thousands of voluntary HIV tests have been administered and tens of thousands Compassion beneficiaries diagnosed as HIV positive are receiving antiretroviral therapy.

“Compassion is an outstanding example of an organization with an inspiring and life-changing purpose that it fulfills every day,” said Powers

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NOW Foods: A Corporate Partner of Compassion International