|   Posted: April 25, 2023

Learn more about the incredible staff members who uplift, encourage and support your sponsored child.
Mother and child hugging while wearing traditional Kenyan clothing.

The Devoted Staff, Volunteers and Church Partners Who Serve Your Sponsored Child

Learn more about the incredible staff members who uplift, encourage and support your sponsored child.

Mother and child hugging while wearing traditional Kenyan clothing.

In Compassion centers across Kenya, incredible individuals are hard at work ensuring that every sponsored child is known, loved and protected. Each staff member and volunteer fills a unique position as they share Christ’s love, uplift communities and nurture sponsored children, including yours.

Below are some inspiring stories about amazing staff members working in the lives of sponsored children across Kenya! We hope they help you picture how staff members and mentors are supporting your sponsored child.

Center Volunteers Fill Important Roles to Keep Centers Up and Running

Volunteers fill a wide range of roles at Compassion centers, often stepping in to lead everyday tasks and events. A great example of devoted volunteers can be seen in the video below, where volunteers are cooking and serving food to sponsored children. Because of how Kenya has suffered from the global food crisis, volunteers like these cooks are vital in helping nourish sponsored children and finding sustainable solutions to the food shortage. We’re so grateful to them for being so generous with their time and for putting smiles on sponsored children’s faces.

Woman holding a baby standing next to a young man

Local Church Staff Like Florence Bring Communities Together in Times of Need

Devoted church staff like Florence play a vital role in sponsored children’s lives by identifying unique needs and uniting communities to provide spiritual, emotional and financial support in difficult seasons.

Mere days before her daughter was born, Edith’s husband unexpectedly passed away. Heartbroken and vulnerable without financial support, Edith and her children had no idea how they would provide for themselves or prepare for the swiftly approaching birth.

Florence, a staff member at a local church, was overwhelmed with compassion for Edith and her children and was determined to support them. Florence and the local church rallied around Edith and her family, ensuring that the children were able to stay in school and that they received financial and emotional support during the difficult time.

“I don’t know what I would have done without Compassion; they helped me through a very tough time in my life,” Edith shares. Frontline church staff like Florence are vital in connecting families with needed resources.

Medical Staff Like Marilyn Provide Critical Care and Treatment to Sponsored Children

Mother holding a smiling small child in a small room

Administrative and medical staff play an important role in providing vital treatment and health care to sponsored children. They bless sponsored children, families and communities with life-changing medical care and resources that would otherwise be very difficult to access.

In rural Kenya, 2-year-old Nelson was born with a rare and life-threatening disease called congenital hydrocephalus. Fortunately, Nelson’s mother, Anita, registered him at a local Compassion center.

The center helped Nelson and Anita access treatment from a neurosurgeon, an ophthalmologist and several other specialists, ensuring that he is receiving the greatest amount of care possible. Marilyn, an administrative medical staff member at the Compassion center, assured that Anita felt supported by the local church as they worked together to care for Nelson.

“When Nelson’s mother came with him to the church, there was no way we were turning him back. We thank God for bringing Nelson to us and for using the church to help him,” Marilyn shares.

We’re incredibly grateful to our medical staff members for caring for sponsored children’s medical needs so that they heal, grow and flourish.

Center Directors Like Sam Ensure Your Sponsored Child is Loved

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Every center in Kenya is led by a center director. Center directors oversee programming and community needs to ensure that your sponsored child is seen, known and loved. Center Director Sam invested in the children at his center by starting a worship program where children could grow their musical skills.

When he was promoted to director, Sam decided to focus on three areas: developing strong worshippers among children, equipping parents to generate their own income, and improving relationships between the center staff and sponsored children. To encourage worship, Sam created a music program where children in local communities can hone their musical skills.

“Teacher Sam has always been so supportive of me and my family,” shares Noreen, one of Sam’s students.

Innovative center staff members like Sam are constantly seeking creative ways to connect with sponsored children and develop their unique talents and interests. By creating program activities that appeal to different personalities, experiences and God-given gifts, staff members are able to build lasting relationships that nurture each child according to their unique needs.

Hear directly from one Center Director, Emma, as she shares updates about the drought that her community is facing and how the church continues to minister to the children and families in its care.

We are extremely grateful to Florence, Marylin, Sam and our many other staff and volunteers across Kenya for their hard work and faithfulness to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’s name.

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