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Africa's 1.2 billion people belong to more than 3,000 different ethnic groups and speak more than 2,000 languages. After many years of colonial rule, most African countries achieved independence by the end of the 1970s. Today, many countries in Africa face major problems, from famine and drought to economic hardships to epidemics of AIDS, cholera and other diseases. Ongoing local conflicts have also killed thousands of people and hampered the economic progress of African countries.

Africa is the second-largest continent and is composed of 54 countries. According to the World Data Lab, 27 of the world's poorest countries are in Africa, and poverty in Africa is increasing in 16 of them.

Compassion's Africa child development centers, started in 1980, now serve more than 317,400 children in eight countries and are helping release children from poverty through programs encouraging the healthy development of all aspects of a child — spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and even economically.

Featured Stories from Africa

Gibson's Legacy

Every week Gibson faithfully shows up at his church to teach welding skills to children in Compassion’s program. He acts not just as a teacher and instructor but also as a mentor and father figure, believing God has called him to leave a legacy in the next generation.

"I'm a Changed Father ..."

Viateur, father to 16-year-old Claude, was a violent alcoholic before Claude entered the Compassion child sponsorship program. Find out about the transformation Viateur experienced and how peace found its way into the family’s home.

Ghana Child Sponsorship
Georgina: The Trailblazer

Georgina, a Compassion-assisted student living in Ghana, wants to change how sponsors communicate with the children they sponsor. She’s using her drive and a degree in computer engineering to strengthen the bond between Ghanaian children and their sponsors!

Uganda Child Sponsorship
Your Sponsorship Goes Mobile

Three sponsors use the Compassion App to strength the relationship with their sponsored children!

Africa Kenya
From Hunger to Hope

Drought has plagued Africa for decades. For 13-year-old Flora, it’s all she’s ever known. It’s all her mother has ever known, too.

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