Thank You, Dear Staff

Nawlor-eh and her family sit outside with dry goods
Nawlor-eh and her family receive food parcels during the COVID-19 pandemic

12-year-old Nawlor-eh's parents are migrants living in Thailand. Since the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions have come into place, her mother, Mimi, has struggled to find work as a daily laborer in the fields. Her father contracted leprosy and has gone into a leper colony, so the family of five relies on Mimi's single income.

Nawlor-eh is registered into Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program at a local church, and is receiving crucial support to survive the pandemic. The church is reaching out to vulnerable families like Nawlor-eh's by providing them with food parcels to make sure that children and families have food to eat every day.

In gratitude, Mimi wrote a heartfelt note to the center staff, expressing her thanks and prayers for the team:

Dear Church Staff,

I am writing to you because God does not forsake us in this situation, and we know that it will also be difficult for you during this pandemic.

We want to thank you very much. We are very grateful that you came to help us and that you have come to visit our children and our families. You have been caring for all of us and helping our children.

I’m most afraid that my children will get the virus when they go outside to play with their friends. I don’t want any of my children to die because of COVID-19. I can’t go to find work outside of our community because of the lockdown restrictions. And if I go to work, my mind can’t be at peace because I am so worried about my children. So, I am closely looking after my children every day, until the virus is under control. We are very scared of this pandemic crisis. We are a migrant family and although we moved here many years ago, we do not have the same security as others do.

The center has not had activities for children for many weeks, and our children don't have any class or activities together with you, the center staff. But you have been to visit us. I was so happy, and my children were delighted that we spent time with you. I feel that I have received blessings from God.

My daughter says that when COVID-19 is gone, the first thing she wants to do is to go back to school. She says she misses going to the center. She misses all of you and she misses playing games with her friends and dancing to the songs together. They miss learning in their own language at the center.

We want to encourage you when you feel scared. Remember no matter how difficult it is for us, we still have God. The Lord, through you, has helped us. Although we can't go to do any activities at the center during this time, our family prays for you.

We are praying for you to receive many blessings. We know that many parents are facing difficulties during this period, just like our family. You are always trying to help us. You help make our home happy and you do everything that you can to make sure we have food to eat and things that are useful for our house.

You have been to visit us, and the pastor too, bringing us supplies, rice, cooking oil, canned fish, eggs, and sanitation supplies for our house, which have helped me and my children. We will get through this crisis together. We are following all the instructions on the safety measures. Good things are coming.

Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you again soon, on the day the program resumes. We pray for the support of our children and you and all the staff. We will have time to do activities again, and we will be glad to meet each other. We will meet again and wait until that day.

Mimi, Mother of Nawlor-eh