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The call to Global Discipleship is a willing obedience to live out The Great Commission and The Great Commandment with a focus on “the least of these.” It’s a call given by Jesus to the Church, the body of Christ (Acts 1:8)

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Are missions and evangelism spiritual gifts set aside for the chosen few? What role, if any, does discipleship play in this discussion?

Our Community Pillar consists of influencers within the community that acknowledge a calling for holistic child development.

Our Partnership with communities focuses on:

  • Promoting awareness of global and domestic poverty in the local community
  • Facilitating educational opportunities on Global Discipleship in the local community
  • Providing the local community opportunities to participate in intentional activities designed to cultivate their will for “the least of these”
  • Engaging the local community with an opportunity to partner in Global Discipleship through child sponsorship
  • Enhancing the existing relationship between the local community, churches, and campuses
Graph of the TVM pillars in relation to the child