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Children in our sponsorship program frequently pray for God's direction, for someone to love them, for provision — for more of Him. How different (or similar) are your prayers?

"Pray for me. I am an orphan. I want God to be giving me my daily bread.” — Estelle, Age 11 (Togo)

"Pray for me. I want to succeed in school. May God help me to understand what is taught.” — Lucien, Age 11 (Togo)

"Pray for me. Mom and I live in a slum. May God give us a nice shelter.” — Latey, Age 6 (Togo)

"Pray for me that I may love God more.” — Mawena, Age 9 (Togo)

Pray for Your Sponsored Child
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Become a Prayer Partner

Impoverished children around the world have to confront overwhelming challenges every day. Become a prayer partner or download this month's prayer calendar to join us and many other sponsors in prayer for the needs and trials children in poverty face.

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31 Days of Prayer for Your Sponsored Child

When we don’t have a face-to-face relationship with our sponsored children, prayer can be an excellent tool to help build one. Your prayers for your sponsored child's everyday needs, for his siblings and for her friends and schoolmates will make a difference.

Journey Prayer Guide

Embark on The Journey for 30 days of prayer points and gripping photos to inspire you to pray for children in poverty.

Pray for a Cause

Join us in praying for a different "cause" each month. International cause days are a way for us to pray with intentionality for specific challenges and trials heightened by poverty.

Let Us Pray for You

We want to come along side you in prayer as well. Please let us know how we can pray for you, whether it’s praise, needs, thanksgiving or requests.

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How different (or similar) are your prayers?

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