Compassion International has been working around the globe since 1952. We understand that God’s calling to go to the “ends of the earth” is not a figure of speech.

We want to connect sponsors and partners in the developed world with children in the developing world. A lot of the time that connection happens through photos, letters and prayers. But sometimes, it happens in person. We love when it happens in person!

The Compassion Difference

On a Compassion sponsor trip, you won’t see a representation of another culture. You will experience that culture first-hand. And it will change your life.

Compassion trips provide a unique opportunity because of our focus on one-to-one relationship through sponsorship. Part of that deep connection is the prospect of traveling on a world-class, safe and guided experience to your child’s world. We do everything to ensure your health and safety on a Compassion trip, and our staff has gone through extensive training to make sure you have an incredible experience.

These detailed, authentic and immersive trips bring you to the villages, the neighborhoods, the backyards of children living in extreme poverty — and then give you the chance to have your life changed by all that you see, taste and do.

When you are on a Compassion trip, you will ...

  • Explore a rich and diverse culture full of new foods, sounds and experiences.
  • Visit the homes of children and families whose lives have been transformed.
  • Meet the Compassion staff members and frontline church partners who make a daily difference in the lives of children.
  • Be immersed in the lives of children we serve — you will play games, share meals, give hugs and live life with these precious children!
  • Serve a meal to children at a center, fulfill a practical need within the local community and empower the Church.
  • Be challenged to understand a world outside of yourself that opens your heart and mind to your role as a sponsor, advocate and partner with Compassion.

Compassion trips intentionally place you in areas where the need is real and the impact is life-changing. With the expert leadership of seasoned, country staff, we travel around the globe safely and with purpose. We have studied and observed that the impact of your personal visit encourages children to stay in school and connect more deeply through letter writing, and builds hope into their futures. Children thrive under the influence of a loving community.

Joining a sponsor trip demonstrates a lasting commitment and profound value to the heart of your child! When determining whether to give financial gifts or visit in person, know that both have wonderful outcomes. However, the immeasurable gift of meeting your child is an indescribable experience … for both you and your child. One so rewarding that you might not be able to resist!

A woman talks with a sponsored child
A man hugs a sponsored child
A woman feeds a child

What’s Included

If a trip to a developing country is outside your comfort zone, be assured we will be alongside you every step of the way.

We will guide you through key trip preparation, such as obtaining passports, visas (if necessary) and immunizations. We’ll provide travel tips, a packing list and fun ideas for children’s gifts.

Sponsor trip costs include travel and in-country costs. For instance:

  • All airfare, fuel and surcharges for international flights (unless a trip is noted as “LAND ONLY”).
  • In-country hotel costs.
  • In-country transportation costs from buses to in-country flights.
  • In-country meals.
  • Tips, fees and entrance/exit costs as well as “fun day” venue costs and visits to any tourist attractions.
  • Travel insurance (download a PDF with complete policy information).

Most importantly, the trip cost includes all expenses associated with the child-sponsor visit. This includes transportation (bus, air, taxi, train, boat), translation services, meals, lodging, activity entrance fees, etc., for the children, their student center representative and parent. (Please note, each sponsor trip has different inclusions, which you can learn about on each trip page.)

Visits with up to three personally sponsored children are included in each trip cost. If you desire to meet more children, they may be added for an additional fee.

What to Expect

Perhaps you’re thinking about traveling with Compassion for the first time, but you’re not sure what to expect. “Where will I sleep?” you wonder. “What will I eat? Will I be riding in a chicken bus?”

International travel is full of adventures, and there’s no such thing as a silly question! We have great information to help you discover what our trips are like. Below you will find information about hotel accommodations, transportation and other details involved in a typical Compassion trip. Each trip is unique and filled with discovery, so we want you to understand what is involved, and be ready to join us for this exciting journey!

Sponsor Trip Testimonials

"Meeting your sponsored child: PRICELESS! Most of the photos that we receive from Compassion don't show smiles on the faces of our children. When you go to visit your child, you will see their face light up in ways you only imagined! And the opportunity to hold their hand and give them a hug, in person, is worth every penny you pay for the trip! To have them look at you and say, "You are really here!" means so much."

— Teri, Ecuador Sponsor Trip

Teri hugging a child

"I agonized about whether I should sign up for this trip or not. Going was the best decision I've ever made. God spoke to me in a very big way. After going on this trip, I have a completely new perspective and my faith in Compassion's program is now unshakable. The US staff and the field staff were fantastic in making sure we were always safe, the accommodations were excellent, and we never went hungry. Visiting the child development centers was a life changing experience and you will never understand how much your sponsorship and letters do for children unless you experience it for yourself. Worth every penny and more."

— Erik, Philippines Sponsor Trip

Erik with a large group of children

"This trip is not about what you do or don’t have to offer, this trip is about you showing up and marveling at how God works. This trip is a demonstration that love is not bound by language, customs, or first impressions...This experience of love is so close to the heart of God, you cannot lose. Your journey is for such a time as this."

— Jordan, Ethiopia Sponsor Trip

Jordan holding a child