Preparing for a trip to another country can be overwhelming. Compassion has taken sponsors on trips for more than 25 years, so we are equipped to help. We strive to provide as much information as possible as you embark on your journey. Once you register for a trip, you will get detailed information on that country and what adventures your trip will hold!

Registering for a Trip

We’re here to help walk you through the registration process. Below you will find a detailed timeline explaining when you should register, and what happens after you do.

Health and Safety

Depending on your destination, our tours range from moderate to demanding in difficulty due to the impoverished conditions. Our trips can include long international flights, time changes, high altitudes, lengthy transportation on bumpy roads, walking on uneven terrain, extensive days, and possible physical activities. Because we understand each traveler is different, we collect medical and health information for each registrant ahead of time so we can be aware of any limitations and needs you may have. Past medical conditions, as well as our CauseTrek trips, may require a signed physician release form. While we understand this can be a burden, your safety and health is our main concern while traveling with us.

Packing List

Please bring what you need to be comfortable. But remember, the lighter you pack, the easier the trip will be for you. Although everyone’s needs vary, here is a list to help get you started.

Meeting Your Child

A trip to meet your sponsored child is a very exciting event, and it is normal to feel a little nervous.

When you go on a sponsor trip, you will be provided with an itinerary that includes some fun activities you can share with your sponsored child. You’ll likely be able to share a meal together and have the chance to give gifts to your child.

You will have a translator who will make it truly possible for you to learn more about your sponsored child.

Don’t be surprised if your child’s family has a gift for you too! You are a special part of their life. Take lots of pictures, as this will be a day to remember!

Please keep in mind that your child may feel overwhelmed or shy at the beginning of your visit. But a few conversation starters and activities can help!

What to Bring for Your Child

The best gift you can give children and staff is your time and care. If you would like to bring gifts, however, you are more than welcome to do so! We recommend filling a backpack for your sponsored child. This is a good measure of quantity of items to take and is convenient. Keep in mind that Compassion children are from areas where basic needs are pressing.

Compassion centers are a safe place where children are known, loved and protected. In addition to your personal items and any gifts for your sponsored child, feel free to bring arts and crafts or sports supplies for visits to child development centers. See below for some ideas on practical and fun gifts you can bring for sponsored children and student centers.

What to Bring for Visiting Student Centers

Each trip visits a variety of Compassion’s programs, so it is important to come equipped with activities and resources to make these visits fun and memorable as well as a blessing to the recipients!

Depending on the number of people on each tour, the culture you are visiting, and the trip itinerary, your trip leader will send out a list of recommended items that they would like each participant to bring to ensure the group has an adequate supply for each center, as well as each program. Below is a sample of some of the items your trip leader may request that you bring with you. Of course, if you have something special you would like to contribute, please let them know ahead of time!

Learn More About Compassion

We know you could travel with a lot of other organizations—but we believe a trip with Compassion will truly change your life!

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