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Family Activity Ideas

Put Your Family’s Faith In Action

Compassion International cares about kids. All kids! Check out the tools below to get your whole family closer to those in need and grow in gratitude and generosity.

FREE Tricky Trail Board Game

FREE Tricky Trail Board Game!

This free, printable game is just one of the many ways you and your family can explore the world together – while also learning to be more compassionate and caring! In this game you will see what a normal day is like for a kid growing up in Uganda. How is it different from your life? How is it similar?

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Step Into My Shoes is an at-home resource for families to do together and learn about living in extreme poverty

Step Into My Shoes

At-home resource for families with children ages 5-12

This at-home resource will take you to Uganda, where you will be introduced to a real family living in poverty and experience life “in their shoes.” The free, digital resource kit includes four interactive sessions, or “steps.” Each step includes a video and a downloadable guide with engaging activities to help your kids learn about poverty and develop the values of generosity and gratitude. Get your free Step Into My Shoes resource kit.

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We loved stepping into others shoes and seeing them through the eyes of Jesus. Helped us as a family to remember that Jesus is enough and we are thankful for this program and have already recommended it to others.

Compassion Explorer Magazine offers games, crafts, stories and other educational ideas for family activities that educate about the daily lives of children living in poverty.

Compassion Explorer Magazine

Magazine for families with children ages 6-10

You can subscribe to your own free copies of this quarterly magazine! Your kids will learn about the daily lives of children around the world, especially those living in poverty, through devotionals, games, crafts, stories and other educational family activities. Subscribe here, and go to the Explorer magazine website to view the content now.

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I'm not aware of any other magazine that explains the issue of poverty and describes what life is like for children around the world as well as Compassion Explorer Magazine. I feel my children have a deeper understanding of our responsibility as Christians to help, care for, and share the gospel not just with our neighbors and friends, but with children who they will never see and in places that they may never go to.

— parent of a Compassion Explorer Magazine subscriber

Download a free craft to do as a family.

The Compassion Experience is an educational and fun family activity.

Compassion Experience

Interactive exhibit for ages 5 and above

Take your kids on a unique adventure to the developing world—without leaving home! Through the Compassion Experience’s 2,000 square feet of interactive exhibit space, you will step inside the daily life of a real Compassion-sponsored child and be guided by that child (through the use of an iPod and headset) on his or her journey from poverty to hope. This educational and fun family activity is coming to a city near you soon—check out the details and schedule here.

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We went to the Compassion Experience…and came out completely changed.

Get a free family activity from Compassion Experience!

Act for Compassion

Act for Compassion

Ages 13 and above who want to make an impact

So, what is Act for Compassion? Act for Compassion was created just for you! It is an online resource that helps you and your family use your voice to change the lives of children in poverty around the world. You can start an online fundraiser that will raise funds for Compassion’s greatest needs or start a birthday campaign that will provide clean water for other families around the world. You can also create a campaign to help get more children sponsored or volunteer at many of our Compassion events around the country. Choose How Your Family Can Act For Compassion Today! and join with thousands of other families making a difference for children in need. When you Act for Compassion you are putting your family’s heart for children into action!

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Compassion has helped me to realize that I can help to make the difference in the life of a child growing up in extreme poverty. Our prayers for these kids and our letters show them the love of Jesus across many miles that someone does really care for them.

Set your summer destination for Colorado Springs and join us for one of our three hour Compassion Family Events at the Global Ministry Center.

Compassion Summer Family Event in Colorado Springs

Set your summer destination for Colorado Springs and join us for one of our three hour Compassion Family Events at the Global Ministry Center. Search for water, firewood, and experience other daily life activities that will give your family a better understanding of the challenges facing children in poverty. Experience the hope that comes when one person chooses to make a difference in a child’s life.

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If people can feel what poverty is like, then change can happen.

The Rock and Worship Roadshow is an unforgettable family night idea of music and inspiration.

Rock & Worship Roadshow

Christian artist concert for ages 8 and above

An unforgettable evening of music and inspiration, this Compassion-sponsored concert series is affordable for the whole family—only $10 a ticket! Your teenager will especially enjoy music by some of today’s most popular Christian artists—from Steven Curtis Chapman to Francesca Battistelli, Rend Collective and many more! See upcoming locations and dates for this special family night out.

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I already can't wait for Passion 2k18 next year such an amazing and uplifting experience last night! #Roadshow17

Compassion Blog

Compassion Blog

Family discussion starters for ages 12 and above

Compassion’s blog is chock full of interesting information about the world of children in poverty and how Compassion sponsorship provides them real help and lasting hope. Find some great family discussion starters, as well as engaging educational pieces and inspirational stories about real children on a journey out of poverty. With new posts every week, you will never run out of fresh material for dinner-time conversations!

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The Compassion Blog was named a Top 10 Blog to End Poverty Around the World

Things to do with family in Colorado Springs include a tour of the Compassion International Global Ministry Center

Compassion Ministry Center Tour

Interactive tour for all ages

Planning a trip to Colorado Springs? Looking for things to do as a family? Be sure to put a Tour of Compassion’s Global Ministry Center on your agenda! On this interactive, hour-long tour, your family will walk into a replica of a home in a developing country, enter into a Child Development Center much like the ones in the countries where we serve, visit the distribution center where thousands of children’s and sponsors’ letters are processed each year, and much more! Your heart will be lifted to see how hope and opportunity is changing children’s lives! Tours are free and offered Monday-Friday 10A, 12P and 2P. Walk-ins are welcome.

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So grateful you put so much space and effort into making this ministry come alive – felt like I was really there.