|   Posted: June 08, 2017

Grace is blessed with one father who gave her a foundation of love and one who stepped forward to help support her dream.

Grace Ramos

Grace is blessed with one father who gave her a foundation of love and one who stepped forward to help support her dream.

Grace standing in front of family photos

Home Country: Philippines

Occupation: University student studying to become a teacher.

Life Goal: “I always think about the future of my siblings. Who else will help them but me, their big sister, and so I will do my best to support them as well as my parents and grandparents.”

Little did Grace know it would take two families — one in her home and one thousands of miles away — to help make her dream come true.

The Love of a Father

Grace has two men in her life whom she considers her father. She sees one every day. His name is Emanuel, and she has his eyes and hair. When she thinks of him she thinks of the smell of wood from his workshop and the times he has held her hand when she was scared.

Grace has never met the other father. She has seen him only in pictures. His name is Joseph, and he lives in the faraway land of the United States. When she thinks of him, she thinks of the letters and photos he has sent her over the years and of the times he has encouraged her through his words and prayers.

Grace sitting with her mother and sister

Grace’s mother, Estrella, says her Compassion sponsor is like a part of their family.


It’s a good thing that Grace has two fathers. Because her dreams would require the support of both of them.

Grace has always wanted to be a teacher. At the Compassion center she attended, she would hang on to every word her tutors said and also volunteer to teach Sunday school classes. Her dream was evident to everyone.

But her parents worried. They knew that Grace’s dream would require a university education. And her father’s job as a carpenter brought in around $5 a day – but that was only when he could find work. He could barely provide food for his wife and five children.

“My parents were glad that at an early age I already knew what career I wanted to take, but they didn’t make any promises,” says Grace. “They just said they would do their best to send me to college when the time came.”

When Grace was 17, that time came. She passed her entrance exams and enrolled in an education program at a nearby college. But there was one problem. Grace couldn’t pay her fees. She got a job and did her best, but after just two months, Grace had to drop out because she couldn’t afford tuition.

“I didn’t tell my friends that I quit school, but I felt I needed to tell my sponsor, Joseph, because he is like a second father to me,” says Grace. “It’s just that I can feel his love, like I am a part of his family despite the fact that we are very far away.”

Grace walking to school

Today, Grace is attending a local university and working toward an education degree.

Grace holding a letter from her sponsor

Grace holds a letter from her sponsor, Joseph, who helped support her dream to be a teacher.


Joseph had been Grace’s sponsor for many years. He, too, had heard about her dream of being a teacher, and when he learned that Grace could not afford tuition, he contacted Compassion and asked to give a gift to help support Grace’s education.

“My sponsor is a super blessing,” says Grace. “He is not a relative, but he supports and loves me just the same. The next letter I received from him said, ‘We are here to support you. We love you.’”

Today, Grace is re-enrolled at the university and on her way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a teacher. And it’s all because of one father who gave her a foundation of love and one who stepped forward to help support her dream.