Ronald Alvarez

    When Ronald’s father was killed, his family was left reeling. But the Compassion staff, along with Ronald’s sponsor, Larry, became a lifeline for the teen, who is now studying to be an engineer.

    Doreen Namanya

    Raised surrounded by oppression and corruption, Doreen knew from an early age that she had to stand up.

    Lenkai Pere

    Lenkai knows he has a mother who loves him deeply, a village who supports him and a sponsor who believes in him.

    Oscar Torrez

    Oscar is excited to minister in his community, to reach the children and their families who need miracles of their own.

    Rosa Vega

    With the help of Compassion and her sponsors, Rosa has moved from survival to dreaming.

    Grace Karera

    "To some people a hospital is a scary place, but to me, it’s a life-changing sanctuary."

    Fredy Setiawan

    Children at the Compassion center get to see that transformation is possible through Fredy's life.

    Grace Ramos

    Grace is blessed with one father who gave her a foundation of love and one who stepped forward to help support her dream.

    Sameson Tilahun

    Sameson says his journey to transformation started at Compassion.

    Shamim Nakiyemba

    "The support and hope Compassion has given me in my life has motivated me to have love and care for children with disabilities."

    Somporn Fairuay

    With no stable income and little knowledge of child care, Compassion Survival could be the answer for him.

    Dominican Republic
    Yannely Suero

    Yannely is working to start a foundation that will help sick little girls and boys in the Dominican Republic at no cost.