These Words of Kindness Gave Me Strength Amid Poverty

    An alumnus of Compassion’s program shares about his childhood in poverty and how his sponsors’ kindness helped him persevere.

    Dominican Republic
    A Gift of Encouragement

    "When my family was falling apart ... it felt like this family from Colorado was holding us tightly."

    A Gift of Commitment

    Michael cherished his sponsor letters because his sponsor would quote Scripture and say a prayer for him and his family.

    A Gift of Worth

    "My sponsors often wrote me letters, and in those letters I first heard the words ‘I love you.’"

    A Gift of Joy

    "God used an ordinary person to change the life of a child, and He can use you too."

    A Gift of Faithfulness

    "My Father God’s essence is faithfulness, and He showed me that virtue in the midst of my family’s brokenness through Himself and through my sponsor."

    A Gift of Inclusion

    The letters Satish received from his sponsors were filled with love, and they included him as one of their own family.

    Dominican Republic
    A Gift of Acceptance

    "My father never thinks about me, but my sponsor took time to let me know that she was thinking about me."